Cost of non-Invasive plexr Blepharoplasty to rejuvenate the look

Cost of non-Invasive plexr Blepharoplasty to rejuvenate the look

Wrinkles, dark circles, bags under the eyes, or even drooping eyelids are the ordinary witnesses that time and age leave on our face, giving an appearance of fatigue. Some people, on the other hand, can have excess skin on the eyelids which causes their eyes to appear dull due to congenital reasons or personal predispositions, even at a young age.

Many patients seek a solution to these deficiencies through blepharoplasty, to remove excess skin from the upper eyelids, remove accumulations of fat and improve the appearance of bags under the eyes. However, other patients do not want invasive surgery. And it is in particular for this reason that thanks to technological progress in the sphere of aesthetic medicine. Today, blepharoplasty can be performed using a variety of non-invasive techniques, leading to optimal results and faster recovery times than traditional surgery.

What is Non-invasive blepharoplasty without surgery?

Aside from traditional blepharoplasty, some procedures allow you to achieve a fresher look with non-invasive techniques, which, like blepharoplasty, are used to correct the loss of excess skin. on the upper eyelid, to remove or reduce bags and dark circles, for a rejuvenated look without a scalpel and without scars.

Among these techniques, laser, hyaluronic acid, and Plexr stand out...

Who can make a plexr?

Candidates who can perform blepharoplasty without surgery are those people who, after the age of 30-35, seek a more radiant and youthful appearance by restoring the lost tone of the eye bag and, therefore, improving the general appearance of the face. The reasons for these imperfections may be different: from lack of rest to excessive exposure to the sun, dry skin to smoking, and a familiar predisposition to a diet high in sodium.

This treatment is also recommended for those who cannot perform a blepharoplasty or for those who do not want to have a surgical intervention.

How is the first visit to the doctor?

During the first consultation, the doctor will assess the patient's state of health, explaining in detail what the treatment consists of and the expected results.

In addition, during the first visit, the surgeon will analyze the infraorbital area, in order to determine the specific conditions of each patient, also depending on age and lifestyle. In addition, the doctor will also assess the following characteristics:

The presence of an excess of adipose tissue on the upper and lower eyelids, the hereditary predisposition being able to influence the precocity and the extent of possible imperfections (laxity, wrinkles, fat...), the degree of laxity of the skin of the eyelids, the presence of wrinkles on the skin of the eyelids.

If the term "without surgery" may suggest that anyone can practice this treatment, it is nonetheless essential to inform the doctor of all the details of his medical history, especially in the case of patients who have undergone eye surgery or have suffered from diseases related to cataracts, glaucoma or changes in the retina. In addition, the doctor must be sufficiently informed of any health problem, medication, or allergies.

Non-ablative blepharoplasty with Plexr

Different methods exist for performing blepharoplasty without surgery and the choice of whether to do one treatment or the other depends on the individual patient's situation and the desired results. These different techniques have in common a final objective which is always to gratify the tension and the tone of the skin.

The most common and widely used method is that performed through the Plexr, otherwise known as non-ablative blepharoplasty. This name designates the contraction of the words "plasma" and "exeresis", a medical term that designates the removal and section of tissue. The Plexr is a small electro-medical device that generates plasma (the ionized state of cellular gases) used by the doctor to paint a texture in the area to be treated to sag and stretch the excess skin on the eyelid. Indeed, 3 or 4 sessions of Plexr are necessary (one month apart). The treatment does not require anesthesia, but in a few cases, an anesthetic ointment may be used for hypersensitive patients.

Plexr cost in Istanbul Turkey

The cost of non-ablative blepharoplasty depends on the “intervention” plan prepared by the specialist, or on the number of sessions and the type of technique used. Turquie Santé puts at your disposal the best ophthalmology clinics in Istanbul. Get a rejuvenated look through plexr treatment at cheap prices in Turkey.


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