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Spinal Surgery in Turkey, Prices of Istanbul Clinics

The spine of each person is located under the thorax at the level of the lower back, it is composed of a series of bones called vertebrae. These vertebrae can shrink and cause compression of the spinal cord, causing stenosis of the spinal canal.

To combat this problem, one can use drugs, but in the most serious cases, spinal surgery is the best solution. This surgery is highly recommended in several cases such as:

  • Loss of sensation in the arms or legs;
  • Acute back pain;
  • Loss of bowel or bladder control, which are caused by stenosis.
Spinal Surgery Turkey
Who is this procedure for?

Patients with the following conditions:

  • Herniated disc;
  • Spinal stenosis;
  • Vertebral fractures;
  • Scoliosis;
  • Tumors of the spinal cord;
  • Degenerative spinal instability.
Side effects
  • Bleeding;
  • Infection;
  • Blood clots.
Intervention or treatment's duration
  • Between 1 and 4 hours.
Recovery time
  • Between 6 weeks and 3 months.
Success rate
  • 95%.

What are lower Back Surgery techniques?

The surgeon performs this surgery while the patient is under general anesthesia. According to the case, he will choose the most suitable surgical technique, among which we can mention:

Spinal surgery

This technique is strongly recommended in the complex operations of the cervical spine. It is also recommended for the reconstruction of the cranio-vertebral junction, which requires a lot of precision. During the procedure, an on-screen imaging system guides the surgeon.

Minimally invasive lower Back Surgery

This method aims to treat degenerative diseases, herniated discs and some types of cancers. The main advantage of minimally invasive surgery is that it avoids trauma and tissue damage, so shorter hospital stay compared to other techniques. Despite its advantages, it must always be the last solution to treat acute back pain.

Disc replacement

This technique is indicated for people who suffer from chronic shoulder and neck pain. It involves placing an artificial disc to stop the friction of certain areas of the spine that causes the pain to the patient.

This surgery is relatively new for doctors, which is why a limited number of surgeons have significant experience performed.

Spinal Surgery in Turkey : Cost & Reviews

Lumbar spine surgery in Turkey aims to treat compressed nerves in the lumbar spine (lower back). It's only advised when non-surgical procedures haven’t led to any results. The surgery aims to treat symptoms such as pain and paralysis in the legs caused by pressure on the spinal nerves.

When it comes to pain, a surgical procedure can be the best option for many patients. Success rates in our partner clinics in Turkey vary by type of surgery, but they tend to be remarkable.

What does lumbar spine surgery in Turkey treat?

Lumbar spine surgery is often used to treat:

  • Spinal stenosis: smallness of a section of the spinal column, which puts the nerves under pressure.
  • A slipped disc and sciatica: when an underlying nerve is pressed by a damaged spinal disc.
  • Spinal injuries: such as a cracking or the puffiness of tissue
  • metastatic spinal cord compression: when the spinal cord or nerves are under the pressure of a cancer.

Types of Lumbar Spine Surgery in Turkey

There are several types of Lumbar Spine Surgery, such as:

  • Laminectomy: a section of bone is removed from 1 of your spinal bones to relieve the affected nerve from the pressure.
  • Discectomy: where a section of the harmed disc is withdrawn to relieve pressure on the nerve.
  • Spinal fusion: where 2 or more spinal bones are gathered with a section of bone to fortify and stabilize the spine

Lumbar decompression is normally carried out under general anesthesia. The whole procedure normally takes one hour, but may take much longer. Depending on the type of the surgery.

Lower Back Surgery: Complications & Recovery

Back surgery can induce some complications during the recovery time. These side effects are temporary and can be avoided if the postoperative instruction is followed by the patient.

Complications of back surgery

Like many other types of surgeries, spinal surgery can cause some side effects (the doctor discusses these complications with the patient before the operation).

Back surgery can cause pain in the bone, infection, and complications during anesthesia.

When surgery is done near the spinal cord, these complications could involve consequent pain and harm and the need for additional surgery.

What is the Recovery time for lower Back Surgery?

Generally, patients will be well enough to leave the hospital after 1 to 4 postoperative days depending on the type of spinal surgery.

Most people are able to walk alone within the second postoperative day, although it is recommended to avoid more effortful activities for about 45 days.

It will be possible to return to work after a month, although you may need more time off if your job includes driving for long periods or carrying heavy objects. It would take about two months for full recovery.

However, we must not forget that in most cases the results of this surgery in Turkey are very satisfactory.

Neurosurgery Healing: Costs & Prices of Spinal Surgery in Turkey

Turquie Santé allows patients to regain their well-being by enabling their neurosurgery to be performed by professional and experienced specialists in Turkish hospitals.

You can compare the quotes of several hospitals at the same time while benefiting from a consulting service and put in touch with the doctors for Free.

In general, it is necessary to receive a personalized quote to get an idea about the costs and the prices of spinal surgery in Istanbul, Izmir, or Antalya. You can obtain a free online consultation concerning your back surgery with our hospitals and clinics in Turkey by submitting a request through the link below.

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