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Obesity Surgery: Sleeve Gastrectomy

Having a beautiful slim and harmonious figure is the dream of every person suffering from obesity. In fact, several solutions are proposed to solve this problem, but the most effective and widespread is the "sleeve gastrectomy".

Sleeve Gastrectomy: what to Know?

Sleeve gastrectomy or "vertical gastroplasty calibrated with gastric resection", is the most popular cosmetic intervention in the world to treat obesity. It involves permanently removing part of the stomach (the left two-thirds of the stomach) thus forming a calibrated narrow tube. This operation has three objectives: to reduce the quantity of food consumed by the person, to act on the fat hormone that is responsible for hunger, and to change the perception of tastes.

Surgery Procedure in Turkey

Before a few weeks of the intervention of sleeve gastrectomy, a detailed report is obligatory containing the consultations with the surgeon to evaluate the state of patient, a meeting with the psychiatrist, nutritional consultations with the nutritionist doctor, a consultation with the cardiologist, a blood test,...

During the few days preceding the operation, the patient must follow a strict diet based generally on yogurt and water, after which he/she must fast for 12 hours before surgery to facilitate the work of a doctor. The operation is performed under general anesthesia and lasts 2 to 3 hours with 4 days of hospitalization. The weight loss after the operation is of the order of 4 kgs per month, during the first 6 months, then from 2 to 4 kgs per month.

Does this Intervention Present Risks?

The operation of sleeve gastrectomy can treat obesity as well as other types of diseases such as diabetes and have a beautiful body.

Its complications are rare: anesthetic risk, risk of bleeding, vomiting, and nutritional deficiencies.

Sleeve gastrectomy is a very effective operation that helps fight against obesity and have a beautiful silhouette but it requires continuous post-operative and nutritional monitoring.

Price of a Gastric Sleeve in Turkey & Istanbul

The price of a gastric sleeve intervention in Turkey and Istanbul remains acceptable compared to prices in Europe. On our part, Turquie Santé is in charge of negotiating for you the best conditions and price offers for your gastric intervention in Turkey or Istanbul.



Last update : 19/07/2019
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