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DUNYAGOZ ATAKOY Istanbul Clinic / Hospital

Istanbul, Turkey
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Dünyagöz: The best group of eye hospitals

The Dünyagöz Hospital Group was founded in 1996 and quickly established itself as the leader in eye medicine in Turkey. Indeed, Dünyagöz is the first specialist ophthalmology clinic to be recognized as JCI in Turkey. This accreditation guarantees compliance with the standards followed by the hospital through the JCI points relating to the safety measures and care offered.

With more than 8000 patients and 1000 surgeries daily, Dünyagöz treats ocular and pre-ocular problems using the latest technologies as well as the best methods. It is the first eye clinic in Turkey to proceed to a bionic eye implantation.

Dünyagöz: The best eye treatments in Turkey and abroad

The Dünyagöz hospital group covers more than 29 institutions all over Turkey, but also abroad. The level of the doctors as well as the high quality of the treatments provided, allowed Dünyagöz hospitals to acquire an international reputation which opened the doors to them to expand in other countries.

We find the group's clinics in 11 Turkish cities which are: Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Izmit, Adana, Samsun, Tekirdağ, Bursa, Konya, Sakarya and Gaziantep. Dünyagöz is also present in other cities in neighboring countries such as :

  • Frankfurt and Köln, Germany.
  • Tbilisi, Georgia.
  • Baku, Azerbaijan.
  • Amsterdam and Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

Dünyagöz Atakoy: The best clinic to treat eye diseases

Continuing the expansion of the hospital group, the Atakoy clinic was created in 2004. As with the other clinics of the group, Dünyagöz Atakoy specializes in eye medicine.

With more than 200 experienced and world-renowned medical specialists, Dünyagöz Atakoy offers the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases related to the eye with the best methods and the latest techniques.

The services offered by the hospital are covered by social security and mutual health insurance.

Dünyagöz Atakoy and medical tourism

Thanks to its various clinics, and in particular that of Atakoy, each year more than 40,000 foreign patients trust Dünyagöz.

The hospital has branches throughout Europe and an online reservation system. Using this, Dünyagöz Atakoy provides transport from the airport to the clinic, medical examinations, as well as the price, charged before and after the procedure for all his foreign patients.

For all patients coming from outside Istanbul, Dünyagöz guarantees:

  • The team is waiting for the patient at the airport.
  • Transfer from the airport to the clinic.
  • Examination and preliminary tests.
  • Supply of the initial drugs.
  • A multilingual companion to guide the patient.

What diseases are treated in Dünyagöz Atakoy?

The best specialist ophthalmologists available to Dünyagöz Atakoy allow the clinic to treat all eye diseases, for example:

  • Neuro-ophthalmology.
  • Cataract.
  • Amblyopia.
  • Corneal pathologies.
  • Retinal problems.
  • Glaucoma.
  • Strabismus.
  • Pediatric ophthalmological problems. 

Medical techniques used in Dünyagöz Atakoy

To continue to effectively treat diseases of the eye, Dünyagöz Atakoy is continuously developing its methods of care. Whether it is to diagnose the disease or to treat it, the clinic has state-of-the-art techniques:

  • Auto-kerato-refractometer.
  • TOPCON CL-200.
  • Argon laser.
  • Retinal Argon laser.
  • Computerized CT 1P tonometer.
  • Highly developed operating rooms.
  • Spectralis HRA + OCT
  • HRT II
  • iDesign
  • iLasik
  • IFS Visex

Dünyagöz Atakoy: Review

To achieve his goals and gain the fame the group enjoys, Dünyagöz has relied above all on principles. The main goal of the hospital was to provide the best treatments for eye problems to everyone regardless of social status

The medical staff continually seek to advance and develop to provide the best care and make the best technologies available to the patients who come to them from all over the world. This is what has given them a worldwide reputation.

Why is Dünyagöz Atakoy the best eye hospital in Turkey?

If the Dünyagöz Atakoy clinic and all those of the Dünyagöz group have kept the reputation of the best ophthalmology hospital in the country, it is above all thanks to their values. Hospital staff have always shown respect, empathy and sensitivity to patients.

In addition to providing them with the best care, they make their stay in hospital easier, including multilingual staff to help foreign patients.

To keep patients all over the world believing in them, Dünyagöz Atakoy staff can also count on their teamwork to always keep moving forward, or to develop their skills. This allows Dünyagöz to ensure the continuity of its quest for innovation.

This is what makes Dünyagöz the best group of eye hospitals in Turkey.


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