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Dental care is an essential habit to maintain your teeth and guarantee them an excellent condition. This can be summed up in frequent visits to your dentist but also to the simple fact of washing your teeth daily.

Turquie santé takes care of your care and dentures. In collaboration with our recognized partners, we offer orthodontic treatments and agenesis care.

Hygiene of your teeth

Your oral hygiene involves frequent and regular dental care and treatment.

It takes the form of:

  • Control Consultations and Diagnostics.
  • Descaling (this is the action that removes scale that has assembled on the teeth.)
  • The treatment of your gums.
  • The treatment of your caries.
  • Laying dental crowns and bridges
  • Installation of removable devices.

Type of care recognized

Sealings and composites

The filling (or amalgam) is one of the most ordinary dental care. It is used primarily to treat cavities braved by attacks of bacteria on tooth enamel. This care includes the cleaning of the tooth by removing the part affected by decay and to replace it by a filling. These fillings use various materials via an alloy of several metals, including silver, zinc, copper and mercury.

Dental devitalization

Dental devitalization is an indispensable act in cases of severe caries near the dental pulp or in the event of a fall on a tooth.


When an unfortunate incident causes a breakage of one or many teeth and therefore their devitalizations, the installation of a dental crown may be essential to remedy the natural damage.

Inexpensive Dental Care in Turkey and Istanbul

In general, dental prostheses can be reimbursed by Health Insurance if you already have them, otherwise we recommend our health insurance available in several hospitals in Turkey and Istanbul. They are then supported with a ceiling of up to 70% of the price of the prostheses.

Turquie santé allows you to compare the offers of the most recognized hospitals in Turkey and Istanbul in dental surgery while negotiating for you the cheapest dental services.

The price of the best dental care generally varies according to your state of health and the clinic targeted. We recommend you to request your personalized quote. You will receive a quick response from our partner hospitals.

Last update : 29/01/2020
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