New technique of aesthetic medicine to eliminate imperfections for flawless skin

New technique of aesthetic medicine to eliminate imperfections for flawless skin


    The anti-spot laser that promises flawless skin

    Facial blemishes are very common, affecting 1/3 of women after the age of forty. However, these dark spots can also appear at an early age and worsen with sun exposure.

    Indeed, if they are linked to hormonal factors, facial spots do not dissipate naturally. Moreover, thanks to aesthetic medicine, there are now several solutions for the treatment of skin imperfections.

     Indeed, many types of treatments have been developed to restore the skin, which has brown spots, to its original homogeneity. In this regard, the anti-spot laser is an optimal therapeutic solution, which has demonstrated great effectiveness.

    Please keep in mind that winter is the best time to intervene decisively!

    Dyschromias: causes and types

    Laser treatment to remove skin spots is an aesthetic laser therapy technique indicated for the correction of hyperpigmentation, that is, skin spots on the face and body.

    Facial blemishes form in response to skin wounds and can be caused by exposure to the sun without protection (these are the ones that most often form with age) or by hormonal aspects, such as taking photo medications sensitizers or following pregnancy.

    Sun discolorations are mostly rounded and defined in shape and are also called solar lentigines. They can appear on the face as well as on the neckline and the backs of the hands.

    Spots caused by hormones and drugs, on the other hand, are called chloasma or melasma. These kinds of dyschromia differ by their irregular contours and form purely on the face, in particular on the forehead, the cheeks, above the upper lip, and the cheekbones.

    Laser therapy and pulsed light are very effective in eliminating these imperfections, but before undergoing the treatment, the patient must consult a doctor to diagnose the type of point on which to intervene and choose the most suitable treatment accordingly.

    Actinic keratosis

    In addition to the spots on the fact that we have talked about, there is another type always caused by the sun called: actinic keratosis, an ugly spot that can even change into a cancerous form of the skin.

    They are rounded, and small plates covered with reddish-brown scales. These thus occur in the parts of the body that are generally the most exposed to the sun, such as the face, the shoulders, and the hands.

    In the event of the appearance of these skin spots, it is advisable to contact your doctor, who will prescribe the type of treatment to follow: they can be eliminated with the use of special creams, more innovative treatments, or cryotherapy. Techniques to get rid of facial spots, such as a laser.

    Facial laser spots: can be removed permanently and without a scalpel!

    Among the possible treatments, the erasure of facial spots with laser is nowadays the best solution for an optimal result.

    The laser is recommended when the spots are not numerous and are in the superficial layers of the dermis. In this way, it is possible to use a specific laser, with a wavelength that strikes the dark pigment of melanin.

    Thanks to pulses of a few milliseconds with very high energy peaks, the light emitted by the laser break down the pigment without damaging the tissues: the melanin, thus fragmented, is finally reabsorbed by the macrophages.

    To eliminate facial imperfections with the laser, it often takes more than one session, repeating the treatment at monthly intervals.

    Laser facial spot removal does not cause skin damage, and post-treatment treatment simply consists of moisturizing and protecting the treated area from UV rays.


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