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NET G Ö Z is active since 2005 à Izmir   and is specialized in health ó eyecare, diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases, refractive surgery and laser eye surgery.



The NET G Ö Z clinic, as well as the cooperation with experienced specialists and specialists in the field of refractive surgery and laser surgery, are indispensable for national and international patients advanced technology and methods of diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases.




The Ophthalmic Surgery Clinic NET G Ö Z cooperates with the world of health ó eyewear since 2005, especially cataract and eye laser technologies, and leverages our expertise to promote innovations in the field of laser surgery specifically.



Hakan Türker

Hakan Türker

Dr. Hakan Turker, M.D.

Education: Graduated in 1995 from the Faculty of

Medicine of the University of Uludağ (Bursa,Turkey).

He completed his specialization in ophthalmology

at the Ege University Faculty of Medicine.


For a while, He worked at the Fatsa State Hospital.

He has been working with his brother (Dr.Hayati

Turker) at the Net Goz Eye Surgery clinic ever

since it’s opened.


Languages: Turkish and English

Memberships: Turkish Ophthalmological Association

Number of treatments per year: 6,500 examinations

400 blepharoplasty operations


Hakan Turker is an expert in glaucoma and oculoplastic surgery.

Behram Yıldırımşimşek

Behram Yıldırımşimşek

Dr. Behram Yıldırımsimsek, M.D.

Education: Graduated in 1984 from the Ege

University Faculty of Medicine. In 1993 he

completed his specialty in the Robert Debre

hospital of Reims (France). Afterwards,

he passed the equivalence test at Dokuz Eylul

University and became an eye disease specialist.

His interests are refractive surgery (PRK,Lasek,

Femtosecond Lasik,ReLEX Smile), medical retina,

diabetic retinopathy, myopia, astigmatism

and hypermetropia.


Languages: Turkish, French, English

Memberships: Turkish Ophthalmological Association

Number of treatments per year: He has performed over 10,000 Excimer laser treatments.

Hayati Türker

Hayati Türker

 Dr. Hayati Turker, M.D.

Education: Graduated in 1993 from the

Ege University - Faculty of Medicine ( Izmir,Turkey )

1999 – Completed his specialization in ophthalmology

and surgery at Suleyman Demirel Univesity.


2000-2005 Worked at Central Hospital,Istanbul

2005 – Formed the Net Goz Eye Surgery Clinic


Languages: Turkish and English

Memberships: Turkish Ophthalmological Association

Number of treatments per year: 5,000 examinations

 1,000 cataract surgeries 400 laser operations


He has performed successful operations in the diagnosis and the treatment of eye diseases, especially cataract surgeries.



He graduated from Ege University Faculty of Medicine in 2001. Between the years 2003-2008, he completed his specialization in Mersin University Medical Faculty. He is a member of the American Academy of Opthalmology and has attended many courses, courses, and seminars both in Turkey and abroad.

Mehmet MERCAN, who continues his work in Net Göz, is an expert in cataract, refractive surgery, glaucoma surgery, oculoplastic surgery-eye area aesthetics, strabismus surgery, retinal diseases, and laser treatments.

DR. Nami Torunoğlu

DR. Nami Torunoğlu

M.D. Nami Torunoğlu was born in 1958 in Ankara. He graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Medicine in 1982 and completed his residency training in Akdeniz University Faculty of Medicine. Specialized in refractive surgery, contact lenses, spectacles, and anterior segment diseases. Dr. As of 2019, Nami Torunoğlu continues its activities within the private Netgöz Center.

He is a member of the Turkish Medical Association, Turkish Ophthalmology Association, TOD contact lens, and optical commission membership, European Contact Lens Association, European Cataract, and Refractive Surgeons Association.


Fluorescein angiography
Ocular biometry
Iris repair surgery
Lacrimal Conductive Surgery
Eye Muscle Surgery
Laser Eye Surgery
Pterygium Surgery
Macular Hole Surgery
Lasik eye surgery
Ocular Surgery
Laser Eye Surgery
Refractive Surgery
Ophthalmology Consultation
Correction of astigmatism
Xanthelasma Removal
Enucleation of the eye
Glaucoma Review
Eye Exam
Excision of a lacrimal gland
Femto Lasik (Femtosecond)
Amniotic Membrane Transplant
Implant of Intraocular Lenses
Ocular Implant
Intravitreal Injection
Photodefractive Keratectomy
Keratoconus by phototherapy
Photocoagulation Laser
Laser Presbyond (femtosecond)
Operation of Cataract
Corneal pachimetry
Reticulation Of The Cornea
Anti-Vegf Therapy
Optical Coherence Tomography
Treatment of an entropion / ectropion of the eyelids
Treatment of keratopathy in strip
Blowout Fracture Treatment
Treatment of Recurring Corneal Erosion
Treatment of corneal erosion
Treatment of exophthalmia
Treatment of conjunctivitis
Treatment of Age-Related Macular Degeneration
Treatment of myopia by small incision
Treatment of Optic Neuropathy
Treatment of presbyopia
Treatment of Diabetic Retinopathy
Treatment of Benign Essential Blepharospasm
Eye Cancer Treatment
Chalazion Treatment
Retinal detachment treatment
Glaucoma treatment
Treatment of Pinguecula
Staphyloma Treatment
Treatment of strabismus
Treatment for Pigmentary Retinitis
Transplantation of Cornea


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