Colombian butt lift Vs brazilian butt lift (BBL)

Colombian butt lift Vs brazilian butt lift (BBL)


    Have you heard about Colombian butt lift? Do you know how the non-surgical buttock lift is performed and how it differs from scalpel lipofilling? In this article, we will discuss the main points that differentiate the Columbian butt lift from the Brazilian buttock lift, known as BBL.

    What is a Colombian butt lift?

    The Colombian buttock lift, called vacuum therapy, is a technique inspired by a Chinese method that has arrived in Colombia in recent years. It aims to increase the volume of the buttocks and make them more shapely by reducing the rate of residual cellulite and boosting the elasticity of the skin without surgery. In fact, a Colombian butt lift consists of applying suction cups linked to a suction system in order to stimulate the blood supply to the skin of the buttocks, giving them a firmer shape without resorting to additional fat injections. What makes the Columbian lift different from other buttock augmentation techniques is that it does not require any specific surgery and is therefore painless. 

    How is the non-invasive buttock lift performed?

    Since the Columbian buttock lift is the least aggressive treatment that makes the buttocks more rounded, it consists of suctioning the flesh to stimulate blood flow through the lymph. This procedure causes the contraction of the buttock muscles for a smoother appearance without cellulite and generates the disappearance of the fat cells. To prepare the area which will be treated, at first, a massage must be performed to stimulate the adipocytes to be sucked up afterward through plastic suction cups placed for 1 to 1:30 hours on the buttocks. It is recommended that the treated area be massaged with a firming gel after the session, along with the practice of sports activities for optimal results. Several sessions can be proposed by the practitioner, in which the frequency depends on your morphology, your skin characteristics, and the desired result. Moreover, the effects will be visible from the sixth session.

    What are the advantages of a Colombian butt lift?

    In addition to having a well-rounded shape without surgery, unlike the Brazilian butt lift (BBL), or injections, the Colombian butt lift allows to :

    • Reshape the body
    • Enhance the buttocks fold
    • Give volume to the gluteal muscle
    • Accelerate the collagen production
    • Stimulate growth hormones
    • Have a toned and smooth skin
    • Obtain customizable results (you are not limited to the size of a buttock implant)

    In addition, the technique is very fast and the patient can notice a volume improvement in the buttocks from the first sessions. This method is also suitable for other parts of the body, such as the thighs and chest. The Colombian lift, which does not require any incisions or removal of excess skin, can eliminate toxins and destroy fatty deposits in the buttocks.

    Colombian butt lift Vs Brazilian buttock lift (BBL)

    The Colombian buttock lift and the BBL should not be confused, the two techniques have many differences, nevertheless, they aim to achieve the same objective which is "voluminous and pulpy buttocks". Indeed, the Brazilian buttock lift is an invasive surgery that can combine other procedures such as liposuction and buttock lipofilling (injection of autologous fat). It is also performed under general anesthesia in the operating room to give more pronounced results. Moreover, the BBL consists of aspirating the patient's fat that is located in various parts of the body such as the abdomen and thighs, and having it moved and injected into the buttocks in order to reshape them. On the other hand, the Colombian butt lift does not require any anesthetic since it is not performed under a scalpel and does not involve any external element or injection. Therefore, you will not have to wait for spectacular and remarkable results. However, they will be closer to nature than to artificial treatments. It should be noted that the recovery time for a Colombian buttock lift is quite short compared to the Brazilian butt lift, since the latter uses several techniques. Afterward, it requires more time for complete healing.


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