The 8 mistakes to avoid in facial plastic surgery in 2024

The 8 mistakes to avoid in facial plastic surgery in 2024

Cosmetic facial surgery has become an option for those seeking to correct certain imperfections. When performed with skill, it can result in subtle, natural transformations. However, certain trends and practices can be counterproductive, compromising the natural appearance and health of your skin.

8 mistakes to avoid in facial plastic surgery in 2024

Here are 8 mistakes to avoid in facial plastic surgery in 2024 to ensure satisfactory and harmonious results.

Ignoring the research and preliminary consultation

One of the most common mistakes is to neglect the preliminary consultation. This stage is crucial for discussing expectations and options for the surgery. Ignoring this step can lead to misunderstandings and disappointment.

Make sure your surgeon is well-trained, experienced, and has the necessary qualifications and certifications to perform the procedure you want. Don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have during the preoperative consultation to clear up any doubts and get all the information you need.

Buccal fat removal

Buccal fat removal is one of the most controversial procedures. Not everyone is suitable for this procedure and its execution requires caution. Balanced oral fat reduction, combined with a face and neck lift, can dramatically reshape features while preserving facial volume for a natural appearance over time.

Facial care only

Focusing only on the face is a common mistake. Skincare should extend to the neck, chest, and hands. Incorporating a routine of clinical treatments such as laser, microneedling, and skin tightening will help prevent lines and maintain an even appearance.

Avoid excess and asymmetry

Achieving a natural result is the desired goal of any aesthetic procedure. It's important to avoid an overly contoured face, obvious scars, and distorted proportions. The best cosmetic surgery should be unobtrusive, preserving the patient's unique features subtly and harmoniously.

Plastic surgery should aim for results that are difficult to recognize, discreet, and consistent with the patient's characteristics. Avoid drastic changes and focus on a look that is natural and desired.

No to the tight look

The tight look is a sign of "old-fashioned" cosmetic surgery. Fortunately, modern facelifts solve these problems with extremely natural results and well-placed scars for greater discretion.

Choosing these contemporary techniques avoids the frozen look associated with outdated procedures.

Avoid the "frozen look" (expressionless face)

The "frozen look" is caused by an excess of Botox in the forehead area, eliminating all-natural movement. Patience is key, as overtreatment resolves itself over time.

Excessive use of Botox or fillers can result in a frozen, unnatural appearance. It's important to prioritize subtlety and choose treatments tailored to your facial anatomy to avoid a frozen, unnatural appearance.

Asymmetrical lips

Altering the natural proportions of the lips can result in an unnatural appearance. Respecting the proportions, especially the relationship between the upper and lower lips, is essential to avoid disproportionate results.

Striving for harmony is the key to achieving lips that complement the rest of the face in a natural, balanced way.

Unthinkingly following trends on social networks

Devil lips, Barbie necks... the beauty trends of 2024 are all the rage on social networks. But they're increasingly in demand, especially by young people who are caught up in the current wave of emotional trends.

Adopting a trend just because it's popular can be a mistake. It's important to choose practices based on your specific needs, rather than blindly following fleeting trends.

Other practical advice

In 2024, information and communication are the keys to successful facial cosmetic surgery. Don't hesitate to ask questions, compare, and learn more so you can take control of the process and get the results you want.

In addition to the mistakes listed above, here are some additional points to consider:

  • Don't choose a surgeon based solely on price: Price should not be the main factor in your decision.
  • Be wary of overly low quotes: Very low prices may mask a surgeon's lack of qualifications or experience.
  • Don't lie to your surgeon about your health: It's important to provide complete and accurate information to ensure a safe and effective surgery.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle before and after surgery: A healthy diet and regular exercise can contribute to better healing and an optimal result.

By following these tips and remaining vigilant, you'll maximize your chances of having a positive experience with facial aesthetic surgery and achieving natural, harmonious results that you'll be completely satisfied with.


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