Say goodbye to baldness with hair transplant surgery in Turkey

Say goodbye to baldness with hair transplant surgery in Turkey


    For a man, being bald is a real struggle. Especially when you are given 45 years old when you are maybe 30! In addition, hairiness has always been seen as a sign of virility in men. As for women, we do not even prefer to imagine it because it would be tragic. Indeed, people with alopecia or baldness suffer tremendously, psychologically.

    Fortunately, there are several methods and procedures that can end hair loss. In fact, hair transplant is one of the best advances in aesthetic surgery. Indeed, you will no longer need to collect wigs or hide your baldness under a cap or beanie.

    Types of alopecia requiring hair graft

    There are several types of alopecia that can be treated surgically, including:

    • Baldness (or androgenetic alopecia): very common in men, but can also affect women. It is the most common type of alopecia. It is characterized by the gradual reduction of hair on the top or front of the head that cannot be reversed by hair growth.
    • Alopecia areata (or alopecia areata): it is manifested by a sudden loss of an amount of hair, leaving small bald areas.
    • Traction alopecia: Very common in people with Afro hair. It occurs because of some hairstyles that pull the hair from the roots like braids or dreadlocks.
    • Scarring alopecia: it occurs following an injury or surgery involving an incision in the scalp.

    Alopecia can also affect several hairy areas on the body such as the beard, eyelashes or eyebrows.

    5 myths surrounding hair transplant

    There is a lot of misinformation circulating about capillary grafting. People without any knowledge or who have had a failed transplant can mislead you. You should never believe everything you hear and always consult a doctor specialized in cosmetic surgery. Indeed, only a specialist can give you real information about hair grafting.

    Some of the most popular ideas about hair implants include the following:

    Are there drug alternatives to hair grafts?

    You shouldn't expect a miracle. Medicines can strengthen the hair, slow down hair loss and maybe even give it some density. But there is no scientific proof on the effectiveness of products sold in pharmacies in treating alopecia.

    Indeed, alopecia results from the disappearance of hair follicles, the latter being impossible to regenerate naturally. For people who say it worked for them, it's usually a placebo effect.

    Is the hair implant only for men?

    It is true that men love it, but women are also affected by this surgery. While hair loss may be bad for men, for women it is considered a tragedy. Therefore, more and more women are resorting to this surgery across the world.

    Is it possible to transplant Afro hair?

    Yes ! Afro hair (curly or frizzy) is delicate hair that requires special treatment. Curly hair also curls under the skin, so it was necessary to develop specific surgical techniques. Clinics and hospitals in Turkey attach great importance to this type of hair.

    Are hair implants expensive?

    Some clinics and hospitals specializing in aesthetic medicine in Turkey have competitive prices for hair grafting. Indeed, there are two types of invoicing:

    • Price according to the number of grafts;
    • Fixed price.

    The best would be to opt for the package.

    Does the hair end up falling out after the transplant?

    Yes but they will definitely grow back! Some people mistakenly think that transplanted hair does not last forever. This false information prevents many people from embarking on a hair transplant even if they really need it. It is true that capillary grafting needs several surgeries and at least 6 months before the final result.

    However, the latter can only be missed if it is not entrusted to a specialist doctor. Sometimes, not respecting the doctor's instructions can damage the implanted hair follicles. Medical check before surgery helps know what method is more suitable for the patient.

    Hair implant in Turkey to end baldness

    Hair loss is not inevitable, and you are not doomed to buy wigs all your life. Capillary grafting gives hope to people for whom the unsightly appearance caused by alopecia is very distressing. It allows them to regain dense hair like the one they had before.

    The most used techniques in hair transplant surgery in Turkey are:

    • Follicular unit transplantation FUT : also called the “strip of skin method”, it consists of transplanting tiny donor areas of the scalp.
    • Follicular unit extraction (FUE follicular unit extraction).
    • DHI (direct hair implantation).

    There are other hair transplant techniques, such as the FUSS technique and the Sapphire FUE procedure.

    hair transplant FUE

    Price comparison of FUE capillary grafting in several countries

    Here is the comparative table of prices for hair implant surgery in some countries of the world:



    Turkey (Full package)

    (Generally including : transfer, surgery, 3 nights of hospitalization, interpreter service in clinic and hyper-bare oxygenation sessions HBOT)


    (unlimited number of grafts, until the desired result is obtained)


    €4150 / 2500 grafts


    €3000 / 2500 grafts


    €8400 / 2500 grafts


    €16560 / 2500 grafts

    Even if this surgery can be reimbursed by some mutual health insurance, it is not covered by social security.

    HBOT and hair transplant

    HBOT health service allows the body to heal itself quickly. It is indicated in the event of:

    • Diabetic wound;
    • Massive bleeding;
    • Muscle tear ;
    • Burning;
    • Slow healing;
    • Degenerative diseases.

    HBOT sessions accelerate the recovery time of the body, so the patient can return to work in a short time. This is why it is part of the postoperative treatment of hair transplant in some hospitals and hair clinics in Turkey (such as Hisar hospital). This seems to increase the success rate of this surgery.

    Note that there are several clinics offering attractive prices. But these do not necessarily offer you what you really need. The advice we can give you is to choose the ones that best meet your needs regardless of your budget.


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