Tuberous breast treatment : Prices & Surgical indications in Turkey

Tuberous breast treatment : Prices & Surgical indications in Turkey


    The breasts can sometimes have differences in shape and volume. If you have "tuberous breasts" you don't have to worry. Our plastic surgery expert in Istanbul Turkey will explain the reasons in detail...

    What is the tuberous breast treatment?

    The term "tuberous breast" indicates the condition in which one where both mammary glands are prone to malformations.The mammary gland grows abnormally, taking a long, narrow shape. Breasts also come in different sizes and begin to grow in teenage women, causing psychological turmoil and insecurity in relationships with others or even during simple daily activities like going to the gym, sunbathing, or in private.

    A preliminary examination is essential; the most important is a correct diagnosis, differentiating a tuberous breast from a normal breast, to identify the most appropriate treatment for breast correction. Indeed, a breast augmentation that does not take into account its shape can worsen the malformation.

    What does the tuberous breast look like?

    • The tuberous breast is small
    • Almost the entire gland is located behind the areola
    • The areola is characterized by a larger than normal diameter and more protruding
    • Failure to develop the lower pole of the breast, which leaves a large inframammary fold
    • The breasts have an elongated shape, are more apart than normal, and are asymmetrical

    Breast treatment Price in Turkey

    The price of tuberous breast treatment in Turkey is much lower than the costs in European countries. The price of your surgery depends on the type of surgery you have performed. Turquie Santé offers you the best prices for Tuberous Breast Treatment in Istanbul, Turkey. To find out more about the price, please request a quote.

    The course of the operation

    For the treatment of tuberous breasts, it is not enough to introduce a prosthesis. The surgery should also reduce the size of the areola, thus leaving a single scar around it. Inside, the gland must be reshaped to allow its expansion both vertically and horizontally.

    The shape of the gland, thus, changes in a single operation: the patient will have small breasts but of normal shape. Following this first operation, the surgeon can insert a prosthesis to finish shape correction and adjust the size of the breast.

    The surgery lasts less than two hours, is performed under general anesthesia, and requires the patient to remain in the clinic for at least 24 hours.

    Surgical indications: the best treatment in Istanbul Turkey

    The specialist will show you the correct surgical technique to achieve the best aesthetic result.

    In cases where it is sufficient to resort to the procedure of lipofilling to improve slightly tuberous breasts or minor defects.

    Cosmetic plastic surgery should be considered for moderate or severe cases. It will be possible to:

    • Reshape the mammary gland by increasing the breasts with the classic peri-areolar scars to decrease the areola and vertical to scuff the lower pole
    • Adopt the insertion of a prosthesis to fill and project the breast if you want to simultaneously increase the breast volume
    • Reduce breasts that are too large with techniques similar to breast reduction and make them more similar to each other

    Tuberous breasts: the postoperative phase

    During the first week, it is necessary to limit the movements of arms movements andstic bra.

    The bandage will be removed after a few days of surgery, but the elastic bra will need to be worn day and night for a few more weeks until the swelling and bruising are completely gone.

    The superficial stitches will be removed after 7 days, while the sutures will be reabsorbed after 2 to 4 weeks.

    Physical activity can only be resumed after 2 weeks, but should be limited only to very slow bending and stretching and always wearing the appropriate sports bra.

    Finally, you should avoid excessive efforts, lift weights for 3-4 weeks after surgery, and prevent to expose the affected part to the sun for 2 or 3 months.

    It is therefore advisable to organize the intervention taking into account family and personal commitments and during the cold months.

    Risks and complications of surgery

    After the operation, there may be a loss of sensitivity of the skin of the nipples and breasts, which will gradually normalize over two months.

    In some patients, it can last up to a year, and only in some cases, it can be permanent.

    Even though the results are immediately evident, the breasts will appear unnatural and stiff as at first they will be stretched upwards, and then slowly when the swelling is gone they will take on a more natural and softer shape.

    The new shape of the breast will therefore be noticeable after about 6 months after the operation.


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