Nose surgery: Difference between rhinoplasty & septorhinoplasty

Nose surgery: Difference between rhinoplasty & septorhinoplasty

In addition to having an important aesthetic value, the nose, which is the main component of the airways, serves as the central organ of the face by controlling the flow of air during breathing.
Rhinoplasty and rhinoseptoplasty are two acts of cosmetic surgery aimed at reshaping the nose and correcting its imperfections, both in its bony and cartilaginous parts.

Nevertheless, the distinctions between these two aesthetic methods make them appropriate in various circumstances.

What is rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is mainly performed for cosmetic purposes and is influenced by the structure of the nose as well as its relationship to other areas of the face. Rhinoplasty is a surgical technique that allows patients to correct and improve the size, and shape of the nose to achieve a more symmetrical and harmonious facial appearance.

The aesthetic characteristics of each patient's nose are very different, therefore, each surgical technique is particularly distinct from one subject to another. For example, some operations require the use of cartilage grafts that can be taken from other parts of the nose, ear, or in some cases even a rib.

Although rhinoplasty can improve breathing, it is usually done primarily for cosmetic reasons only.

What is rhinoseptoplasty?

Rhinoseptoplasty is a surgical technique that allows you to correct both the aesthetic and functional appearance of the nose. A deviated septum can be present from birth or can be the result of previous facial trauma and is often a major cause of respiratory dysfunction. In these cases, rhinoseptoplasty represents the optimal solution to solve the functional problems of the nose.

For some patients, nasal airway obstruction causes lingering discomfort and frustration, as it can lead to headaches, snoring, apnea, and even daytime fatigue.

Rhinoplasty and septorhinoplasty: Which to choose?

The choice of the type of nose surgery to be performed must be decided solely by the plastic surgeon, possibly in collaboration with other specialized doctors: in no case can the patient decide on the operation to be performed.

During the first visit, the surgeon will recommend the appropriate procedure while taking into account mainly 2 factors:

  • Your needs related to the aesthetics of the nose
  • Your functional needs associated with the presence of any symptoms

The reasons for deciding to undergo aesthetic surgery of the nose are not only aesthetic: many people, in addition to disliking the shape of their nose, also have functional problems concerning breathing and which almost always affect the nasal septum.

Rhinoseptoplasty is the procedure of rhinoplasty combined with a septoplasty procedure. Patients who are dissatisfied with the appearance and shape of their noses should consider rhinoplasty, which serves an aesthetic purpose. On the contrary, septoplasty has therapeutic aims and is particularly suitable for those who have a deviated nasal septum.

Rhinoplasty and septorhinoplasty: cost differences in Turkey

Nose surgery operations are among the most requested in Turkey. Indeed, you should know that these are complex procedures, which can lead to severe complications. In this regard, they must be performed only and mainly by surgeons specialized in plastic and reconstructive surgery, and inadequate and quality health establishments.

The costs of nose surgery in Turkey, namely rhinoplasty or septorhinoplasty, can fluctuate depending on the case of each patient as well as the methods adopted.

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