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Radiology: Diagnostic Imaging Services in Turkey & Istanbul

Computer development and the emergence of new technologies have led to a revolution in the various fields, including the medical field. Thanks to this progress, we can easily visualize the anatomy, the physiology, and the metabolism of the human body.

Diagnostic imaging services ( medical imaging ) is the set of tests performed by the health professional to explore the body. It is as well as the discovery of several diseases and cancers.

You can perform Diagnostic Imaging at a cheap prices in Istanbul Turkey.

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Diagnostic Imaging Turkey

Diagnostic Imaging: Ultrasound, Radiography, Scanner & MRI 

There are several medical imaging techniques that are available to doctors:


Thanks to the X-ray machine (which transfers electrons to reach different parts of the body),we can detect:

  • The existence of fractures in the bones;
  • Bone fissures;
  • Displacements.

Also, some heart problems and lungs can be detected by X-ray. It is an easy and inexpensive technique, but it is not recommended in case of pregnancy.

Any image made with an X-ray is due to variant X-radiation absorption by different parts in the body. For example, bones, absorbs a high amount of the X-ray beam, while soft tissues, absorb a small amount of it. The body has many structures of different densities and this difference produces a picture or image.

Scanner Medical Imaging

is a more developed technique, but also more complicated than radiology. In fact, a scanner is a machine with a ring that gives very accurate results. Thus, through the scanner, we can identify internal lesions to track or detect the presence or absence of cancer. It is a fast and very precise technique, but there are several structures that it does not allow to see them.

Diagnostic Imaging Ultrasound

Known as echography or sonography, a diagnostic imaging ultrasound waveis the famous procedure employed in case of pregnancy. It helps to know the sex of the baby for example as well as its development. It also used by sportsmen (examination of muscles, tendons and ligaments). This is the cheapest technique and does not require the injection of a contrast medium.

Sonography has many advantages. It is unpainful and does not involve radioactivity, but only high-frequency sound waves, which means it is not dangerous. No injections are needed during this procedure unless your radiologist or other physician has specifically asked for one.

Diagnostic Ultrasound imaging can be carried out while there is motion. Therefore, it is the most suitable to create an image of a foetus in pregnant women.


Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a simple and painless medical technique. It provides two- or three-dimensional images of the inside of the human body. In fact, there are two types of MRI that are:

  • Anatomical MRI (allowing a detailed and deep study of soft tissues);
  • Functional MRI (to detect diseases of the brain or the central nervous system such as Alzheimer's or multiple sclerosis).

What is Diagnostic and interventional Imaging

Diagnostic and interventional imaging in the field of radiology that employs all the procedures executed under the control of radiologic techniques. This procedure helps diagnose and treat different diseases.

What is the difference between Diagnostic and Interventional imaging?

Diagnostic radiology is a branch of medical radiology that helps the doctor understand the cause of your symptoms. They include:

  • Mammography;
  • X-rays;
  • MRI;
  • Sonography (Doppler ultrasound exam, ultrasound scanner...)

Interventional imaging is image-guided surgery. It includes:

  • Embolization to contain hemorrhaging of internal organs;
  • Malignant tumor treatments to kill cancerous cells in the body (radiation therapy or radiation oncology);
  • Biopsies;
  • The placement of feeding tube;
  • The placement of the catheter.

Medical imaging ( Radiology ) in clinics & hospitals in Turkey

To identify the source of pain in your body, it is usually essential to perform radio, scan or an MRI. To have a good quality of precise image, it is necessary to pass by a well-known and experimented radiologist.

In this conot text, we recommend that you carry out your diagnosis in Turkey. The goal of medical imaging in Turkey is to find out the location of diseases and control their developments. It also aims to find the necessary treatments.

Prices of Diagnostic Imaging Services in Turkey & Istanbul

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