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Gastric balloon in Turkey, Prices of Istanbul Clinics

Obesity is a condition that affects more and more people around the world due to a sedentary lifestyle and a dependence on mainly fatty and high-energy foods. Like sleeve gastrectomy and gastric band surgery, a non-invasive procedure has emerged to achieve lasting weight loss, namely the gastric balloon.

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With our hospitals, the average price of the package Gastric Balloon in Turkey is 1600 $.

The cost of the procedure Gastric Balloon in Turkey depends on several factors such as the type of surgery you are going to have, the clinic and the experience of your surgeon. Discover the pack
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Who is this procedure for?
  • People unable to lose weight despite healthy eating
  • People wishing to lose weight without going through surgery
Side effects
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Abdominal pain
  • Feeling of bloating
Alternative treatments
Intervention or treatment's duration
  • 30 minutes
Recovery time
  • Back to daily activities after 3 days of the intervention
Success rate
  • 80%

What is a gastric balloon?

The gastric balloon, also known as intragastric balloon, is a weight-loss procedure performed at our clinics and hospitals in Turkey. It consists of inserting a spherical silicone device into the patient's stomach endoscopically. This process is mainly dedicated to people with a high degree of obesity, especially those suffering from the morbid type. It is certainly the most effective solution without undergoing surgery.

If diet, healthy eating, and exercise are not effective, the gastric balloon will be the ideal solution to achieve the desired weight. It is recommended for overweight patients with a BMI (body mass index) between 25 and 35. Indeed, this medical device, which occupies space inside the stomach, induces a sensation of satiety, thus helping to lose weight without surgery. To do this, the slimming balloon is swallowed by the patient in a 20-minute session.

However, the advice of a doctor specialized in bariatric surgery is necessary to obtain an optimal result without complications. Furthermore, the price of the intragastric balloon in Turkey, varies from one clinic to another, depending on several factors. With our partner clinics, you can opt for it at the lowest price.

Procedure conditions

The decision to proceed with a stomach balloon is made by a medical specialist, usually a gastroenterologist or bariatric surgeon, after a thorough evaluation of the patient's medical situation. The requirements for a gastric balloon procedure may vary depending on medical recommendations and the specific criteria of each healthcare facility. However, here are some general requirements that are often considered:

  • The weight you want to lose and your current BMI
  • Health status
  • Expectations and needs
  • Commitment to a medical follow-up

Some patients are not good candidates to receive the weight loss balloon. Our doctors will ask you about your medical history and will also examine you to determine your eligibility for this obesity procedure.

Main types of gastric balloons in Turkey

Several types of gastric balloons can be placed. Each type has advantages and disadvantages. Thus, the appropriate choice will depend on various factors, such as the individual medical situation and preferences. We suggest Elipse, Orbera, and Spatz, the most popular types in the bariatric sector.

Elipse balloon

The Elipse Gastric Balloon does not require anesthesia or endoscopy to be inserted or ejected. Indeed, during the installation, the patient will have to swallow a gelatinous capsule containing the Intragastric Balloon. The capsule is attached to an external pocket using a tube. Once placed in the stomach, the doctor will proceed to fill the Elipse balloon with approximately 550 CC of physiological solution through this tube. Before, during, and after the installation, the doctor submits the patient to radiological controls to make sure that the installation goes well.

The Elipse gastric balloon is expelled after approximately 16 weeks (4 months). At the end of this period, the ball deteriorates, and its timed valve opens to facilitate expulsion. Therefore, the physiological solution is expelled through the urine and the balloon (in a small transparent film form) will be expelled naturally through stools or, in rare cases, when vomiting.

SPATZ: The adjustable device

It is an intragastric balloon that lasts 12 months with variable volume. The proposed advantages consist of better adaptability to the patient who must start with small volumes and then increase them until the feeling of satiety fades after 2 to 4 months. Any volume change requires a new gastroscopy.

Subsequently, this option ensures the sensation of early satiety, facing the intolerance that occurs in 5 to 10% of cases. Moreover, the balloon is adjustable, and it can be inflated a little more once it loses its effectiveness over time.

Process of the intervention in Istanbul

Making some adjustments to your eating habits is necessary before proceeding with the procedure. You should also visit the doctor, nutritionist, and fitness instructor at least once. Your doctor will also advise you to have a blood test.

Balloon placement

The placement of the gastric balloon in Istanbul is performed by two methods:

  • The first method is to insert the balloon into the mouth, then the esophagus and stomach under local anesthesia. It is then filled with a solution that contains methylene blue. 
  • The second method consists of swallowing a balloon in tablet form with a sterile saline solution without using any type of anesthesia. The time required for fixation does not exceed thirty minutes.

Post-operative phase

After the operation, you must spend one night in the hospital under medical supervision. In addition, nutritional care and dietary monitoring are essential, especially during the first period. You may experience some problems such as abdominal pain, but these will disappear quickly. To achieve a good result, you must adopt a healthy diet after the operation. This should be based on liquid foods at first and then semi-liquid foods until you resume normal food consumption in the fourth week.

Placement results

The results are encouraging if you make an effort to change your diet with the help of a gastric balloon. Be sure to lose ten to fifteen kilograms in four months. Physical activity is necessary to boost your weight loss and obtain a better result. Once the device is withdrawn, the doctor gives instructions to the patient to maintain his body weight. The patient has to keep consulting his doctor during the 6 first post-intervention months, to make sure that his weight loss is progressing well. Losing weight and maintaining it is hard, so you will be monitored throughout this plan by doctors and dieticians (biologists and nutritionists). This medical team will help you adopt and keep new healthy habits in your nutrition and physical activities.

Gastric balloon price in Turkey: Affordable cost & reviews

Turquie Santé allows you to directly contact the best doctors who have international experience in performing bariatric surgeries. We collaborate with several clinics and hospitals in Istanbul, Izmir, and Antalya to help patients get the cheapest prices and the highest quality care for the gastric balloon. You can request a free quote and consultation with our doctors. Furthermore, our consultants at Turquie Santé will respond the same day and provide you with multiple price offers. We are committed to providing you with the best costs for your medical stay in Turkey. You can check our patient reviewsthat are made available to give you more information about the stomach balloon intervention.

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Frequently asked questions

The insertion of a gastric balloon is a non-surgical procedure offering a temporary solution to obesity. It is a real polyurethane balloon or made of flexible silicone, and it's filled with physiological serum. The balloon is inserted into the patient's stomach to give this one a feeling of satiety.

The polyurethane balloon (empty and contracted) would be put into a capsule. This capsule that would be connected to a tube (catheter),would be swallowed by the patient. Once the capsule is in the patient's stomach, it would dissolve and the balloon would be filled with physiological serum using the catheter.
As for the silicone gastric balloon, it would be introduced deflated, through endoscopy. Then the doctor would fill it with saline solution using the catheter.

This procedure is contraindicated for:

  • People who have suffered from gastric lesions (appendicitis, ulcer, etc.);
  • Minors;
  • Patients with mental disorders;
  • People on anticoagulants or anti-inflammatory medication;
  • Pregnant women ;
  • People with severe liver diseases.

Pregnancy is contraindicated in this case. When it comes to women, contraceptives will be prescribed after the insertion of the gastric balloon.

The success rate of gastric balloon insertion in Turkey is 80%.

The balloon is placed for 1 year, after that it will no longer be effective.

The patient can lose between 3 to 20 kg thanks to the gastric balloon.

The gastric balloon can cause side effects such as: abdominal pain, vomiting and gastritis is also possible.

Last update : 26/05/2024

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