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Allergology : all you need to know about this special feature m é Dicale

Allergology is the branch of medicine that is interested in the causes, symptoms and treatments of allergic diseases. The specialist in this category is called "allergist", and his mission is to: to study the functioning of the human body,   to understand allergies and their effects on the body, and to find the necessary treatment   these.

What are the types of allergies  ?

An allergy is defined as the reaction of the human body in certain situations, where healthy people do not react. These reactions can be in the skin (dermatitis), lungs (asthma), eyes (conjunctivitis) and nose (rhinitis). The percentage of people affected by allergic diseases is constantly increasing (in France between 30% and 40% of the population).

Thus, there are several types of "allergy":

  • food allergy  : these are clinical manifestations that appear following à the ingestion of well-defined foods. This type of allergy may appear to be very serious, that is, it may be the same. in childhood or in adults and influences the daily life of the infected person.
  • Allergy to mites: Characterized by a runny nose, redness of the eyes, coughing and difficulty. of respiration.
  • cat allergy   cats   are responsible for 2/3 of   allergies   to animals. It is an allergic reaction caused by allergies produced by cats. It mainly causes respiratory problems.
  • pollen allergy : named " hay fever " ;, this is pollen sensitization, triggered ó by pollinated plants (by the wind or insects) and characterized by attacks of attack, a nasal leakage, tearing up
  • Allergic rhinitis and asthma: This is a condition that attacks the airways which are generally more sensitive than normal people. This allergy can be triggered by influenza, cigarette smoking, allergic reactions against animals, mites, etc.

Allergology : Allergy Treatment

The first step in the treatment of allergy is the identification of the triggering agent that can be for example pollen, cats, and let's try to find out what is wrong with it. to be removed permanently. After that, it's the doctor who can prescribe a drug that minimizes the effects   and the symptoms.

Last update : 29/01/2020
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