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Allergology: everything you need to know about this medical specialty

Allergology is a branch of medicine concerned with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of allergies. Allergy is an abnormal reaction of the immune system which perceives a normally harmless substance as harmful.
The allergological visit and the allergological tests make it possible to identify the causes at the origin of the allergic manifestation and to define the most appropriate treatment route.

Turquie Santé guarantees you a consultation with the best allergist at advantageous prices for allergy testing and treatment.

Allergology treatment Turkey

What are the types of allergies?

An allergy is defined as the reaction of the human body in certain situations, where healthy people do not react. These reactions can be in the skin (dermatitis),lungs (asthma),eyes (conjunctivitis),and nose (rhinitis). The percentage of people affected by allergic pathologies is constantly increasing.

Thus, there are several types of allergies

  • Food allergy: these are clinical manifestations that appear following the ingestion of specific foods. This type of allergy can appear very early, that is to say in childhood or adults. It influences the daily life of the infected person.
  • Dust mite allergy: characterized by a runny nose, red eyes, coughing, and difficulty in breathing.
  • Cat Allergy: Cats are responsible for 2/3 of animal allergies. It is an allergic reaction caused by the allergens produced by cats. It mainly causes respiratory problems.
  • Pollen allergy: also called "hay fever", it is sensitization to pollen, triggered by pollinated plants (by the wind or insects). It is characterized by attacks of sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes…
  • Allergic rhinitis and asthma: This is a condition that attacks the airways. Individuals affected by this type of allergy are generally more sensitive than normal people. This allergy can be triggered by the flu, cigarette smoke, allergic reactions against animals, dust mites…

Consultation of an allergologist doctor in Turkey: price & allergy center

Turquie Santé guarantees you the consultation of the best allergologist doctor, highly qualified, for the treatment of allergy in Istanbul, Turkey at competitive prices.

Consultation of an allergist is necessary in case of:

  • Presence of certain symptoms such as rashes, respiratory problems, etc.
  • Allergy associated with sinusitis, nasal congestion, or chronic breathing difficulties in adulthood
  • Presence of the following symptoms in children: continuous runny nose, stuffy nose, itchy nose, watery and red eyes, repeated sneezing
  • Fever or other associated symptoms for several months a year
  • The ineffectiveness of prolonged intake of antihistamines

Allergology: the price & treatment of allergies in Istanbul Turkey

The first step in allergy treatment in Istanbul is identifying the trigger (e.g. pollen, cats, etc.); and trying to eliminate it permanently.

Allergy test: which one to choose?

The allergological examination, useful for framing the origin of the allergic disorder, varies according to the clinical manifestations of the patient. The appropriate test is chosen by the allergist based on the type of reaction the patient has to the substance suspected as the cause, the suspected sensitization methods (by contact, inhalation, etc.),and the nature of the allergen.

The type of test chosen aims to identify the causes at the origin of the allergic manifestations and to define the most suitable course of treatment. Favorable prices and exceptional discounts are guaranteed for the diagnosis of allergic diseases in Turkey.

To determine the nature of the allergy, two main tests are available in our best allergy center in Istanbul, Turkey:

Prick Test: Performed by lightly pricking the skin of the forearm with a lancet and applying a drop of allergen. If the test is positive, a small itchy bump will appear at the application site within minutes.
Patch test: Patches containing more than one substance suspected of causing sensitization are applied to the skin, usually on the back. The test reading takes place after 48 hours. The appearance of itching, and/or redness, and/or blistering indicates a positive result.

Allergology treatment : Turkey's allergy centers

The treatment of allergic diseases, prescribed by an allergist in Istanbul, Turkey, may include:

The allergist also indicates the method of preventing allergy symptoms.

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