Dilated pores of winer : our effective solutions to tighten them

Dilated pores of winer : our effective solutions to tighten them


    When you look in the mirror, you think your skin could look better if you could shrink those visible large pores! But the problem is, you don't know where to start. Indeed, you should know that you can do a lot to make pores less visible on your face. Find out how to minimize open pores easily and keep your skin healthy below!

    Why do pores dilate?

    As we said, pores don't magically appear, but they can transform their size. The main causes that can lead to their abnormal dilation are:

    • Oily or combination skin, characterized by overproduction of sebum
    • Damage caused by excessive exposure to UV rays
    • Improper and inaccurate cleaning
    • Prolonged and reckless use of drugs and alcohol
    • Acne
    • Skin aging

    All of these factors contribute to blurring the natural luminosity of the face, also compromising the integrity of the skin's texture.

    Remember that the pores are essential for maintaining the health of the skin because they allow the dermis to oxygenate and eliminate excess sebum, sweat, or dead cells. Hence, the need to always keep them neat and in good condition, beyond the purely aesthetic aspect. However, there are effective natural remedies for enlarged pores.

    Let's discover how to minimize dilated pores of winer below!

    Clean your skin thoroughly

    No one ever said that the foundation of any skincare routine (regardless of the issue) is cleansing, right! Well, when it comes to enlarged pores, it's truer than ever! A clean, unobstructed pore is a pore that is free to constrict to the point that it is no longer visible. The pores expand because they contain something inside, such as sebum/oil from the skin, smog/dust, traces of make-up, or products that have not penetrated the pores. 

    Moisturize your face frequently 

    Although it may be overlooked by many people, moisturizing the skin is not an option, but a necessity, even when it comes to oily skin

    However, to avoid the use of harmful products, which could even aggravate certain imperfections, you must know your skin well and know what it needs. Only in this way will you hydrate your face without greasing it and reduce the risk of dilated pores.

    Hot steam for your skincare 

    To clear the pores, from time to time, especially if you live in town, it is advisable to boil water in a saucepan. Then add rose petals or a few drops of essential oil (the most recommended are basil, rosemary, and lavender) and cover it with a cloth for about 5 minutes.

    At this point you can proceed with the fumigation for about 10/15 minutes, letting the steam expand your pores, softening the skin, and preparing it, therefore, for deeper and easier cleaning.

    Use a good peeling

    To remove the dirt that causes your pores to dilate, you can use a gentle exfoliating treatment, suitable even for sensitive skin. In this way, you will help the pores to close and regenerate, allowing them to perform their excretory function better.

    One of the most popular peeling products is clay, thanks to its skin cleansing and purifying properties. Once a week, at most, you can make a facial mask based on this ingredient, which will help close the pores of the face and also help in a facelift. Of course: clay should be used with care because if not removed correctly, it could irritate the delicate skin of the face.

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