The Skin Booster : what are the results ?

The Skin Booster : what are the results ?


    The secret to healthy, radiant skin is a consistent skincare routine. Sometimes, however, your skin needs a little more to target specific concerns. This is where our skin boosters come in: Maximum well-being is found in a mini concentrate!

    The face booster is a cosmetic solution aimed at solving the specific aesthetic problems present. It is a shock treatment whose use can be more or less prolonged over time depending on the needs. It complements, and does not replace, other cosmetics used daily for facial skin care.

    What is the difference between serum and Skin Booster?

    Both are highly concentrated facial care products. They are complementary and, when applied together, they act in synergy. But there is a subtle difference between serum and skin boosters, especially in terms of their specificities.

    What is a serum?

    The serum is a cosmetic formulated to fight against specific skin problems, such as aging (fine lines, expression lines, sagging), discoloration (spots and hyperpigmentation), and sebaceous hyperproduction (tendency to imperfections and shiny appearance). It penetrates deeply and makes it possible to better convey the active ingredients contained in the day and/or night cream subsequently applied to the skin.

    A Skin Booster?

    The skin booster, meanwhile, is an "amplifier" of skin well-being. In other words, it promotes the general health of the epidermis. However, unlike the serum, it acts more in the superficial layer of the skin.

    Indeed, the skin booster reinforces the hydration and radiance of the skin by providing it with a surplus of water or energy (depending on the product chosen).

    Before and after results of a Skin Booster

    The fact that the skin Booster acts less deeply than the serum should not, however, suggest its lesser usefulness. The superficial layer of the skin is the first barrier against external aggression. If it is in perfect condition, it protects us from the appearance of other skin disorders. Regular use of a skin booster could prevent dehydration, irritability, redness, and dullness.

    For example, you might decide to use a booster only in the winter to combat the redness and dryness of the skin typical of the coldest time of year.

    How to apply the face Booster?

    Being a liquid solution that should amplify the action of serums and creams, skin boosters are designed to enhance the skincare routine. Apply directly to the skin after cleansing, toning, and exfoliating. Do you want to use several skin boosters? Use them one after the other, or alternate between day and night.

    Once the skin Booster is well absorbed, you can then proceed to serum and cream. By following this precise sequence of actions, you ensure that all product layers overlap in the best gestural order for maximum results.

    Alternatively, you can also mix the skin booster with the face cream and apply a mixture of both products in one pass. This second option is, however, only dedicated to those who are in a hurry and who have chosen a booster with a wider range of action. Moreover, if on the other hand, we chose a skin booster with a more specific area, such as for the eye contour, for example, this trick could not be implemented and the application steps would have to be separated according to the sequence seen above.

    We are here to help you!

    For questions about cosmetics and choosing the best skin booster for your skin needs or for help creating a skincare routine, please opt for a free consultation with one of our experienced dermatologists in Turkey. Our expert dermatologists are on hand in Turkey to help you find the best products for your skin type or offer aesthetic procedures (facelift, eyebrow lift, thread lift, etc.) tailored to your skin needs.


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