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Otorhinolaryngology in Turkey, Prices of Istanbul Clinics

Otorhinolaryngology deals with diseases of the ear, nose, and throat. Otorhinolaryngology is a medical term of Greek origin. This word is composed of three parts. « Oto » stands for ear, « rhino » stands for nose and « larynx » for the throat. Otolaryngology specializes in head and neck surgery.

An otorhinolaryngologist or an otorhinolaryngology doctor is a medical specialist who has undergone surgical training in the field of reconstructive surgery. This specialist can treat both children and adults.

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    Otorhinolaryngology Turkey

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    When to See an Otorhinolaryngologist?

    If you have problems with your nose, throat, or ear (persistent pain, hearing loss, whistling, etc.),then consider seeing an ENT surgeon. The latter can diagnose and treat your respiratory system disorders.

    What does an Otorhinolaryngologist Do?

    An otolaryngologist treats common health problems such as

    • Ear infections;
    • Sinusitis (inflammation of the sinus-an area close to the nasal cavity);
    • Dizziness;
    • Deafness;
    • Balance disorders.

    You can find an ear nose and throat ENT practice almost in every city.

    Pathologies Treated by An Otorhinolaryngology Doctor

    • An otorhinolaryngology doctor treats common diseases such as
    • Tinnitus (persistent ringing in the ears)
    • Otitis media (infection of the middle ear)
    • Otitis Externa (infection of the outer ear)
    • Mastoiditis or otitis externa
    • Adhesive otitis (Glue ear)
    • Nose and Sinus Diseases
    • Inflammatory diseases of the nose, such as sinusitis, adenoiditis, polyposis and turbinate hypertrophy.

    Some common nose and sinus problems are listed below. These mainly happen because of bacteria or a virus in the body.

    • Rhinitis. It can be chronic or acute. This infection is generally characterized by an inflammation of the nasal cavities;
    • Sinusitis. Inflammation of bone cavities may lead to hearing problems and nasal voice (the patient sounds whiny as if he was speaking through a clogged-up or runny nose).

    Diseases of the Upper and Lower Respiratory Tract

    Some diseases affect the normal functioning of the GI tract. These include

    • Respiratory (breathing) problems (Asthma, Bronchitis);
    • Digestive diseases (pneumonia);
    • Cancer (throat cancers);
    • Adenocarcinomas (a type of cancer that affects glands that line internal organs such as the esophagus, lungs and colon);
    • Lymphomas (cancer of the lymphatic system);
    • Sarcomas (connective tissue cancer).

    Some risk factors that may lead to upper and lower GI tract diseases include

    •  Air pollution;
    • Smoking;
    • Drinking of alcohol.

    Only a qualified otolaryngologist can tell you what type of treatment better suits you. In some cases your doctor may recommend having tests after the surgery.

    Side Effects after a Head and Neck Surgery

    Most side effects go away on their own a few months after surgery. However, you may experience one of the following side effects

    • Numbness in your neck and skull base;
    • Swelling in the throat and around the ears;
    • Temporary loss of normal voice. The patient isn't able to produce certain sounds and has difficulty saying simple words and short phrases.

    If the pain persists, call your doctor immediately.

    How does an ENT Surgeon Treat Head and Neck diseases?

    For mild head and neck problems, such as a sore throat, your doctor may prescribe antibiotics (antibodies) as a temporary solution. Medication isn't always enough. If you have a middle ear infections, then consult your doctor. Sometimes surgical procedures are the only solution. For people who suffer from hearing loss, an ENT doctor may advise them to wear a cochlear implant.

    Surgeon Tips about How to Relieve Pain after Surgery

    Some patients may feel a mild to severe pain after surgery. Here are some tips to help you feel better during this time

    • Put on ice pack on the treated area. This will help reduce pain;
    • Take pain pills when necessary;
    • Stay at home;
    • Rest more.

    When does Swelling Start to Go Down after a Neck Surgery?

    Four weeks later you will notice some improvements. Your general health condition becomes stable again.

    How Long does it Take to Fully Recover after Surgery ?

    It takes about 6 weeks in average to recover. After this time, you can return to normal life activities.

    What to Avoid After the Surgery?

    There are some activities that you should to prevent further complications. There include

    • Driving in a neck brace;
    • Lifting heaving objects;
    • Eating hard foods. This may scratch and stick in your throat;
    • Running and jogging;
    • Pulling and pushing;
    • Getting into water;
    • Swimming. High pressure may hurt your eardrums.

    Otorhinolaryngology Doctors & Ent Hospitals and Clinics in Turkey

    An ENT Clinic specializes in ear, nose, and throat. Several types of ENT surgeries are done in this type of medical establishment.

    If you have a throat disease or other ear disorders, you may consider receiving your treatment in Turkey. Be reassured, you will be treated by the best ENT surgeons in the best ENT hospitals and clinics in Turkey who are qualified and have a solid experience in treating ear, nose, and throat diseases.

    How to find an ENT Surgeon in Istanbul, Turkey

    To find the best prices for your ENT surgery in Turkey you can start by comparing treatment options and pick the one that best suits your needs and budget. Finding an ENT hospital abroad has never been easier

    Head and Neck Surgery Clinics and At Affordable Prices in Turkey

    Our partner otorhinolaryngology clinics in Turkey are known for their excellent success rates and affordable costs. Contact our consultants, and you will be assisted and informed of all the details about your medical treatment in Turkey.

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