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Oncology is a specialty. medical school that treats all forms of cancer. Cancer unfortunately   a serious illness, patients must make decisions not always easy for their medical care. Find   the best doctors   for  your care can be complex   and the cost may be excessive. Cancer doctors are often experts in cancer-specific categories, so finding a specialist can be a difficult task.

Sometimes, several specialists are needed in the care of a single patient, so it is essential to choose a clinic or a hospital. &Nbsp; having a team of specialist doctors capable of coordinating care. Turkey Sant ó is able to meet this challenge by assisting you Compare the experts and the spike facilities in Turkey to help you find the best quality ó available care and you will avoid ruining yourself cause of a bad choice.

A price quote, quote and cancer care plan will be provided from our clinics and hospitals in Istanbul or elsewhere throughout Turkey, so you can make an appointment.

Often, the fight against cancer requires long-term treatment, so it is understandable that the patient wants to be accompanied. of his relatives, for that Turkey Sant ó requires partner hospitals to help you find a homestay or apartment; proximity é at the best rates and facilitate your stay. The important thing is to have high-end tools and technologies for your diagnosis and treatment in Turkey.



Obviously, the first thing is; which the patient thinks when choosing his oncologist concerns the   quality  care   that will be provided. Cancer   are experiencing a complicated emotional phase and often need to know all about their diseases in order to reassure themselves, from the doctor to the infrastructures they will have access to .  

With TURQUIE SANTE you will find partner clinics and hospitals that meet the high   high international standards of quality. Many hospitals have certification from American organizations like JCI.

Our daily battle is to make health services ó of quality  available and the cost of each one, although their cost in Turkey is much cheaper than in France or Spain, we make sure that your healthcare is international.


Our partner clinics are specialized in all forms of oncology such as  :


  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiotherapy
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • PET-SCAN (Pet-ct)
  • Cyberknife treatment
  • Oncology, pediatric



Last update : 21/11/2019
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