All about penoplasty to enlarge the penis size

All about penoplasty to enlarge the penis size

It's often said that it's not really the size of the sex that makes a man virile. However, some men are convinced that “bigger is better”. Indeed, many men have a complex about the size of their sex, or were simply born with a micropenis.

When a man thinks he has a small penis, or when this is actually the case, it can reduce his self-esteem to nothing. This explains the tendency of some men to enlarge the size of their penis by any means, including intimate surgery.

In 2016, for example, over 500 patients underwent this surgery in France alone. Performed in principle by urological surgeons, penis enlargement (or penoplasty) has therefore become a very popular intimate plastic surgery in recent years. So, what do you need to know before embarking on this operation?

Why enlarge your penis?

Many men on the Internet talk about their complex about their penis size. Some of them say that they feel a lack of virility and fear they won't be able to satisfy their partners.

Generally speaking, lack of confidence in sexual performance is normal for young men. But when this problem becomes an anxiety, it can have psychological consequences that can sometimes destroy a man's sex life.

This anxiety is often fuelled by ideas conveyed by the media and by certain beliefs that associate big sex with orgasm.

What is the ideal penis size?

According to a survey of women, the ideal penis size is 16 cm long. Quite a reasonable size, given that the average is 14 cm. This would enable these women to have vaginal orgasms and satisfying intercourse with their partners.

Is it possible to increase penis size naturally?

The small-penis complex is widespread among men, especially young ones. Many brands use this insecurity to market so-called miracle products, supposedly to increase penis size. However, there is no such thing as a natural penis enlargement product. Whether they are natural substances or sold in pharmacies (creams, ointments, hyaluronic acid injections), there is no scientific proof that these products are effective.

Penile massage (jelqing) also appears to be ineffective. This is an exercise in which the penis is repeatedly pulled at rest, and it improves blood circulation to the cavernous bodies of the penis.

Although this method seems to work for some, there is no scientific proof of its effectiveness. What's more, this massage can be dangerous if not performed correctly. It can cause pain, bruising and other complications that can sometimes lead to erectile dysfunction.

Penis pumps are also available. These involve placing the penis in a tube, then pumping air out of the tube. This action is used to increase blood flow to the penis, thereby swelling it. However, this method has never proved effective.

What is penoplasty?

Penoplasty or phalloplasty is for men who are dissatisfied with the size of their penis. Typically, these are men with a micropenis (less than 8 cm at erection). It is one of several intimate surgeries, such as vaginoplasty, labioplasty, or penile implants.

However, it does not affect a man's sexual performance. It is therefore not a procedure to treat sexual dysfunction (erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation...). But, it aims to improve the visual appearance of the male sex in two options: penis lengthening and penis enlargement (thickening).

How many centimeters can I gain with penoplasty?

There are two different techniques to perform the penoplasty procedure, including lengthening and penis thickening.

Lengthening the penis

During this operation, the surgeon cuts the suspensory ligaments of the penis (connecting it to the pubis). Thus, this allows the penis to gain up to 3 cm in length.  After lengthening, the penis will be longer at rest, as well as when erect.

Penis thickening

It's a technique that involves injecting fat into the patient's penis using lipofilling. In which, penis gains up to 4 cm in circumference. After this surgery, this organ will be thicker both at rest and when erect.

When should I have penis surgery?

From adolescence onwards, men compare their sexes, measure them, and ask themselves whether they are within the norm. However, penis surgery should not be performed before adulthood.

In fact, the operation is only possible if:

  • Your request is reasonable: don't expect to gain an extra 10 cm.
  • You have difficulty showing your nudity to your partner (locker-room syndrome).

On the other hand, it may not be possible if:

  • You expect this surgery to revolutionize your sexuality.
  • You suffer from sexual dysfunction.

In this case, you need to consult a doctor to treat all sexual dysfunctions (erectile dysfunction, ejaculation problems and impotence) before surgery.


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