Aesthetic Breast Surgery: A Solution for Every Problem

Aesthetic Breast Surgery: A Solution for Every Problem


    Cost of breast surgeries in Istanbul Turkey

    For a woman, the breasts are the center of her femininity, and for this reason, she is more and more willing to turn to a surgeon to improve their appearance.

    Indeed, contrary to what is often thought, cosmetic surgery offers various breast operations in Turkey with a competitive cost, which today require a maximum of one day of hospitalization.

    Whatever type of procedure one is subjected to, the initial maintenance phase is crucial to understanding what the desired effect is for the patient.

    In this phase, the surgeon and the patient will interface thanks to the use of modern software for the virtual reproduction of prostheses, which will illustrate the expected results.

    Having innovative instruments is a very important aspect of an aesthetic clinic. In this regard, always have the foresight to contact clinics specializing in cosmetic breast surgery that use advanced tools and techniques.

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    To get a clearer idea of ​​the most popular cosmetic breast surgery procedures today, we outline the three most common below.

    Mammary augmentation treatment

    It is by far the most common surgery. Required by both young girls and mature women, it is used to increase your breast size by one or more measurements.

    The first such surgery was performed about 50 years ago in America, and since it was successful, the technique became more and more sophisticated.

    Even the shape of the prostheses has evolved through time; until recently, round implants were used, which visibly changed the shape of the breast, making it a bit unnatural.

    For a few years, however, surgeons have been recommending more anatomical prostheses, admittedly more difficult to put in place, but which at the end of the operation will give the breast a more natural appearance. The insertion of prostheses can be carried out from different points :

    • With the periareolar insertion, a small incision is made at the height of the areola, and therefore the scar is very well masked.
    • For submammellar insertion, an incision is made under the breast itself, this technique is generally used for large prostheses.
    • In axillary insertion, the axillary cavity is used as an access route; this technique is mostly used to introduce saline prostheses.

    The breast reduction procedure

    Many women feel very uncomfortable having breasts that are a little too big. And when the discomfort is accompanied by health issues, like back pain, breast reduction surgery is more than recommended.

    This type of surgery can reduce the size of the breast by reshaping its shape. Women who decide to have this surgery often see their large breasts as an obstacle. From choosing a bra to playing a sport, everything is more difficult.

    Breast reduction is an operation that can be done at any age, but after performing it will no longer be possible to breastfeed.

    The operation lasts an average of 45 minutes and is performed under local anesthesia. During the surgery, fatty and glandular tissue are removed through three different cuts, while the areola is resized.

    Aesthetic mammary surgery: Mastopexy 

    This type of surgery is also known as a breast lift. It is suitable for all women who have moderately relaxed breasts.

    Usually, surgery is only performed when the defect found is very obvious and causes discomfort to the patient, as the scarring will be large and obvious. The degree of relaxation is calculated by measuring the distance between the collarbone and the nipple.


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