All about the most performed cosmetic surgeries in Turkey

All about the most performed cosmetic surgeries in Turkey

All about plastic surgery in Turkey

While inner beauty is still very important, physical appearance matters a lot these days. Having a perfect face and body seems to be on the minds of many people around the world. Especially with the appearance of some reality stars who seem to have dreamlike features and figures, like the Kardashians.

Indeed, although plastic and cosmetic surgery may seem very controversial, it seems to be making a lot of people around the world. No matter what you look like, just go under the knife, and you will have the look you've always dreamed of! So what is cosmetic and plastic surgery?

What does aesthetic plastic surgery consist of?

Unlike popular belief, it is not just about surgeries aimed at beautifying the body or face. These are also reconstructive plastic surgery (called anaplasties) to rebuild parts of the body. They may also be performed to treat congenital malformations. In fact, anaplasty has been made famous since World War I, given the number of mutilated soldiers who suffered it at the time.

Many people call on a doctor of aesthetic medicine for hymenoplasty or jaw surgery. So, reconstructive surgery may be a necessity. This type of surgery repairs damaged areas of the body or face.

It is also used to parts of the body after surgery, like placing a breast implant after a breast cancer surgery. As for cosmetic surgery, it aims to improve what already exists, to boost self-esteem.

Liposuction, rhinoplasty or the like, everyone is free to call a plastic surgeon if it makes them feel more confident.

What are the most performed cosmetic surgeries in Turkey?

In Turkey, the most performed cosmetic surgery include :

  • Hymenoplasty: a procedure used by many women to repair the hymen.
  • Penis Enlargement (Penoplasty): Surgery that makes many men happy and more confident. Indeed, it is the surgery which consists in giving volume and length to the penis.
  • Abdominoplasty: an operation that removes excess tissue (skin and fat) from the abdominal belt.
  • Liposuction: (or liposculpture) a surgery to reshape and firm certain areas of the body by sucking out the fat accumulated in these parts.
  • Rhinoplasty (nose job): a procedure that corrects the shape of the nose, it can also be done to treat breathing problems in patients.
  • Genioplasty: surgery to correct a defect in the chin (receding or too advanced chin).
  • Otoplasty: surgery aimed at correcting protruding ears.
  • Breast surgery(boob job): a surgical procedure that women love. Breast prosthesis or breast augmentation make it possible to enlarge the breast or to reconstruct the surrounding tissue (breast reconstruction).

Boob Job

Is Turkey the capital of cosmetic plastic surgery ?

The success of plastic surgery in Turkey seems to grow more and more in recent years. Moreover, the country invests a lot in hospitals and clinics. Some of these health facilities seem to be well-equipped and invest a lot in the continuing education of plastic surgeons.

These include, for example, Aesthetic Center and Estetik International, both of which have good reputations in aesthetic medicine.

Price comparison of plastic and cosmetic surgery in several countries

Aesthetic Surgery

Price in Turkey (full package)

Price in Tunisia 

Price in France 

Price in United-Kingdom



(Including : transfer, surger, interpreter service in clinic)






(Including : transfer, surgery, 1 night of hospitalization, 3 nights at hotel, interpreter service in clinic)






(Including : transfer, surgery, 2 night of hospitalization, 4 nights at hotel, interpreter service in clinic)




Liposuccion (one area)


(Including : transfer, surgery, one night of hospitalization, three nights at hotel, interpreter service in clinic)




Breast augmentation


(Including : transfer, surgery, 1 night of hospitalization, 6 nights at hotel, interpreter service in clinic)




Non-restorative plastic surgeries are not covered by social security, however, they can sometimes be reimbursed by some mutual insurance.

Plastic and aesthetic surgery in Turkey: 5 practical information

What language do you need to master in this country?

For a medical stay in Turkey, if you cannot speak Turkish, you must be proficient in English or German. But you can benefit from an interpreter service at some clinics.

Cosmetic surgery is not an easy act, so you have to choose a very serious intermediary.

What are the formalities for entering Turkish territory?

For some European nationals, including French, and for a stay of less than 90 days, it's very simple:

  • You must present your identity card or passport;
  • There is no visa.
  • Your papers must be valid for at least 180 days after entering Turkish territory.

If you decide to go by car, it is possible to drive in Turkish territory with an international licence. You must also have car insurance covering its use on Turkish soil. Note also that car trips to Turkey must be made with a passport.

Is aesthetic plastic surgery reimbursable?

Your operation will have to be paid if it is done on Turkish territory, even if your insurance or your mutual may cover it. There is no extraterritorial support for cosmetic plastic surgeries.

What are the payment methods in this country?

Generally, all payment methods are accepted in Turkey.

Can we have a bank loan for aesthetic surgery?

There are banks that fund this kind of intervention as part of a personal loan. However, it is impossible to pay a clinic, hospital or an aesthetic surgeon in Turkey by credit. You will have to pay the full cost once and for all.

So you must choose your clinic carefully, ant it has to meet your needs and your budget.


"Guided by an inextinguishable flame for scientific and aesthetic discovery, I undertook a professional shift in order to share my expertise in the field of aesthetics. Deeply convinced of the importance of merging science and beauty, I devote myself to demystifying the sometimes nebulous aspects of aesthetic interventions and to illuminating their progress."

- Assia Hafrad

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