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Buccal fat removal - Bichectomy in Turkey, Prices of Istanbul Clinics

The bichectomy or buccal fat removal is a valid procedure for any adult person, in whom the volume of the cheeks generates a voluminous, undesirable appearance and which seeks to give more definition and harmony to the facial features. Or if the bulky aspect of the cheeks persists during weight loss.

Bichectomy is performed in the best clinics in Istanbul, Turkey at competitive prices.

Elimination of oral fat - Bichectomy Turkey
Who is this procedure for?
  • People with a bulky appearance of the cheeks


Side effects
  • Edema and swelling of the cheeks

  • Bruises or hematomas

  • Difficulty opening the mouth bleeding

  • Risk of infection of the surgical area

Intervention or treatment's duration
  • Between 30 and 45 minutes


Recovery time
  • 3 - 4 weeks

What is buccal fat removal?

Buccal fat removal also called a Bichectomy, is a cosmetic surgery procedure used to improve the appearance of the cheeks by creating higher cheekbones that are contoured and slim lower cheeks. A plastic surgeon makes an incision inside the mouth, removes the buccinator muscle, and extracts sections of fatty tissue.

It is a surgical intervention that consists of the extraction of balls or bags of Bichat. As it is proven that it is only fat and not glands that only add volume to the face.

What are bichat balls?

Bichat's ball, also called buccal fat pocket (BGB),is a very defined anatomical structure that is very relevant in the contour of the cheeks and the middle and lower region of the face. These are bags of fat found under the cheeks. Also known as Bichat bags, or body fat. Its name is due to the French anatomist Marie François Xavier Bichat, who showed that it was not a gland. They have become known through cosmetic surgery because without it improves the appearance of the face.

The removal of Bichat balls is booming in Turkey, and it is known as a Bichectomy.

The procedure of the Bichectomy in the best clinics in Turkey

A Bichectomy is performed through a small incision of about 1.5 cm on the inside of each cheek. The operation, on average, lasts no more than 30-45 minutes, so hospitalization of the patient will not be required. It is performed under local anesthesia and requires only 24 hours of rest. A slimming effect on the face is obtained without visible scars.

The postoperative phase of a Bichectomy

Postoperative care after a bichectomy is based on diet. Immediately after surgery, only fluids should be consumed. The diet indicated by our surgeons in Turkey must be strictly followed to avoid any serious complications.

The aim of following the surgeon's prescriptions is for the patient to make efforts when chewing and also to avoid infections in the postoperative period. Over the days, after the intervention, the people who were operated on must then adopt a soft diet. And then the patient can return to more intense physical activities, exercise, and sports.

The patient is always advised to avoid hard foods until healing is complete. However, everything will be under strict surveillance.

It is also recommended that during Bichectomy recovery, the patient does things like spitting, hissing, and other similar efforts that injure the wound. Before the procedure, our surgeons in Turkey recommend taking all necessary oral hygiene care, including the use of mouthwash.

Buccal Fat Removal: Prices & Best Surgeons in Istanbul Turkey

Bichectomy or buccal fat removal is a fairly simple and quick procedure compared to other facial plastic surgeries with a lower cost than rhinoplasty or facelift.

Nevertheless, as it is still a surgical procedure that can have consequences and complications, it should be taken very seriously by the patient and should always be performed by highly qualified plastic surgeons in Turkey.

It is recommended to avoid any cost tempting offers promoted by doctors without any training or experience in facial plastic surgery. In this regard, Turquie Santé guarantees you the most competitive prices under the guidance of the best-experienced plastic surgeons.

Request your quote for free and opt for a Bichectomy in Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, and Bursa in Turkey.

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Elimination of oral fat - Bichectomy

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