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Laser Skin Resurfacing Turkey

Laser Skin Resurfacing: the Information needed to know

Each person's life can carry several types of effects: holidays under the sun without protection, accidents, hormonal changes, aging & so on. All these factors can leave effects and scars on the skin. Laser skin resurfacing is one of the most popular techniques used to correct these scars, reduce stretch marks and restore firmer skin and radiance.

What is Fractional Laser Treatment in Turkey & Istanbul?

This technique appeared in 2004 and it is intended for older people or those with scars (new or old). It is applied to all skin types and can treat all body areas like neck, neckline, and hands. The objective of fractional laser resurfacing is to treat brown spots, aging scars or following an accident, and wrinkle treatment.

The number of sessions differs from one person to another and it depends on the area being treated.

In fact, the fractional laser is performed under local anesthesia and exists in two forms:

Ablative fractional laser

The ablative fractional laser attacks the entire surface of the skin with its light by removing the upper part which leaves room for a younger new skin.

Non-ablative laser rejuvenation

Unlike the ablative fractional laser, this type does not attack the skin but its purpose is to damage the collagen that will give way to a new collagen that will responsible for correcting the skin.

Precautions following the Laser Skin Resurfacing

To ensure laser skin resurfacing results, there are several precautions to be taken into consideration before and after the procedure:

  • Sun exposure should be avoided for at least 1 month before the beginning of the sessions and 2 months after treatment.
  • Taking anti-herpetic medications at least 48 hours before starting sessions and within 5 days.
  • Apply sunscreen using the SPF50 indicator on a daily basis.
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