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Full Mouth Dental Implants Cost In Turkey: Affordable Prices

Full mouth dental implants are artificial roots in the form of a screw that replaces the natural teeth root. It is made of a biocompatible material. The dental implant orthodontic treatment will be able to hold a dental crown, a dental bridge or a removable prosthesis.

The dental implant in Turkey, Antalya & Istanbul is made of titanium, ceramic or zirconia. The latter is the most biocompatible.

Package price of Dental implant in Turkey

With our hospitals, the average price of the package Dental implant in Turkey is 400 €.

The cost of the procedure Dental implant in Turkey depends on several factors such as the type of surgery you are going to have, the clinic and the experience of your surgeon. Discover the pack

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Who is this procedure for?

  • Patients requiring replacement of one or more teeth with implants
  • People with sufficient bone density and volume in the jaw

Side effects

  • Infection
  • Pain
  • Bleeding

Intervention or treatment's duration

  • The placement of the implant, or the crown lasts between 1 and 2 hours
  • Crown placement 4 to 6 months after implantation

Recovery time

  • Back to daily activities 3 to 7 days after implant placement
  • The average lifespan of an implant is at least 10 years

Success rate

  • 95%
How it works ?

Placement of Dental Implants in Turkey, Antalya & Istanbul

The dental surgeon in Istanbul expert in implantology performs a medical examination and a panoramic X-ray. He performs the necessary care for the gums and teeth. Implant placement is performed under local anesthesia in the operating room.

The gum is first incised, the bone is then drilled with a drill to insert the implant.

We can put in place a temporary prosthesis. With time the bone around the false roots is gradually straightened. A medical check will be considered to verify if the implant is well integrated in the jaw or not before starting the procedures of installation of definitive prosthesis. A dental implant alone can not replace a natural tooth.

Then, after healing (between 2 and 6 months), the dentist puts a pillar on the implant and then closes the gum. Two weeks later, the practitioner fixes a crown already prepared in the laboratory according to measurements and fingerprints of the patient's tooth.

What are the different types of teeth replacement devices?

There are three common types of teeth implants:


They are the most common kind of false root. They are suitable for the majority of patients. However, they necessitate a healthy jawbone to be inserted in.

Shaped like screws, endosteal teeth prosthesis are put into the jaw and the crowns are fitted onto them.


They are the main alternative to Endosteal false roots.

Instead of being implanted into the jawbone, subperiosteal prosthesis remain on the bone, under the gingival tissue.

This option is only suitable for patients who don’t have enough jawbone for an implant to be put in


They are the least common type of prosthesis. It is a complicated process and should only be performed if you don’t have enough jawbone for the Endosteal implant.

The prosthesis is implanted in the patient’s cheekbone instead of the jawbone.

Success Rate of Dental Implants in Turkey & Antalya

The success rate is 90 to 95% depending on the site of implantation. The patient finds the beauty of these teeth and chewing more comfortable.

The average life is at least 10 years.

Before indicating the placement of a tooth implant the dentist checks the condition of the bone. If the quality and / or quantity of it is insufficient osseointegration of the implant is not done.

What are the Contraindications of tooth replacement? 

Other Pathologies must be taken into consideration before having a tooth implant:

Heart disease, pregnancy, osteoporosis, diabetes, immunosuppression and taking certain drugs especially anticoagulants and antiplatelet agents. In these cases precautions should be taken before starting the implant placement.

For large smokers the dentist can refuse intervention because tobacco increases the risk of failure of osseointegration.

How to maintain this dental care?

The maintenance of a dental implant is simple. It is advisable to have an annual medical check-up and to brush your teeth at least twice a day with a good quality brush which must be renewed periodically.

The patient should consume only liquid foods for the first 3 days after the procedure. Then more and more solid foods are to be introduced gradually. In short if one follows a good oral hygiene one does not risk the occurrence of the complications.

What are the alternatives?

If your jaw cannot support inserted dental devices, your dentist may suggest other alternatives such as:

Bone Grafting

Your tooth doctor will reconstruct the bone in your jaw. It’s also possible to use bone additives to straighten the bone.

Sinus Lift

It involves grafting bone below the sinus if the bone there has been deteriorated due to complete tooth loss.

Ridge Enlargement

If your jaw is simply not big enough for an implant, your dentist or orthodontist can graft material to be added to a gap made along the upper side of your jaw.

Immediate load Implant

It means a temporary placement of temporary teeth, the same day your implant is placed.

This might be an alternative for you if you have enough bone in your jaw and have an implant safe enough to bear the pressure of the temporary tooth.

All-On-4, All-On-6 & All-On-8

They are used as an alternative for placing a full set of dental bridge.

Four, six or eight dental devices are inserted in the jawbone. This technique usually does not need bone augmentation. A temporary set of false teeth can be put the same day.

You must follow a specific diet while the gingival tissue is still healing. After 6 postoperative months, a permanent set of replacement teeth will be placed, and you can finally start eating normally again.

Full Mouth Dental Implants Cost: cheap Prices in Turkey

The prices of a dental implant varies according to the requested dental hospital in Turkey and the case of the patient. With a good medical team in Turkey and with well-experienced dentists, you can request a tailor-made quote. Our platform allows you to communicate with the most recognized dentists of our partner dental clinics in the field of dental implants in Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara or Izmir.

You can contact counsellors of Turquie santé for further information about full mouth dental implants cost in Turkey.

Frequently asked questions

In recent times, important innovations have been introduced, especially regarding the materials used to make the dental implants. A few years ago, abutments could be found exclusively in titanium. However, today there are also other materials that have undeniable advantages. Therefore, It is wrong to think that dental implants are all the same: the latest generations are made of ceramic and zirconia. In fact, they are innovative materials that allow you to overcome most of the limits of titanium. 

A dental implant can be applied to all patients. However, the dentist will assess it on a case-by-case basis and suggest other alternatives that he/she considers more valid.

There is no incidental factor, except when it comes to teenagers because in this case it is necessary to wait until the bone development is complete.

To ensure that a dental implant remains intact and lasts longer, it is very important to carry out regular checkups every 3 months in which the dentist has the opportunity to examine the implant infrastructure and perform a professional oral hygiene.

Smoking is an extremely harmful habit to the dental implants as it can damage the contact between bone and implant. As a result, patients must stop or at least minimize cigarette consumption. There are many studies that show the correlation between dental implant failure and smoking.

Smokers are also more prone to develop infections immediately after surgery and have longer healing times. At Turquie Santé, we always inform our patients about the risks that smoking can cause to oral health.

The duration of a dental implant is difficult to determine because it depends on many factors. Following a set of basic hygiene rules and consulting regularly enable the dentist to control the results of the intervention. Therefore, dental implants will last for a long time. 

The general rule is to always try to preserve and keep the teeth in place whenever possible. In all other cases, you must proceed with the extraction to try to safeguard the mouth and its health.

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