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Penile prosthesis: the best solution to erectile dysfunction

Age advancement can negatively influence the normal functioning of different organs like the penis. Thus, disorders or lack of erection can be traumatic in intimate relationships and how to live a fulfilling sexuality. Several solutions are proposed to treat this disease such as drugs, injections in the cavernous body of the penis or the penile prosthesis.

The penile prosthesis: a third-line treatment

To improve penis function and treat erectile dysfunction, several methods are offered by doctors such as:


- drugs: this is the first-line treatment and is in the form of oral medication (Viagra, Cialis), however these drugs are contraindicated to people with heart conditions.

- the injection of a vasodilator molecule: the injection of electrogenic substances makes it possible to have a fast erection of good quality (treatment of second line).

- penile prosthesis: third-line treatment and offered to people for whom the other two types of treatment are not effective. The penile prosthesis is a palliative surgery and exists in three types: semi-rigid prostheses, two-piece inflatable prostheses and three-piece inflatable prostheses.

Are penile implants in Turkey really effective?

The penile implant in Turkey is a simple, reliable and durable solution, performed by surgeons trained to treat the inability to achieve or maintain a sufficient erection in penetrative sex. These prostheses are easy to hide under clothing, improve the psychology and the quality of life of the person operated as well as his partner.

This intervention also has some disadvantages:

  • the glans does not grow and sexual penetration can be embarrassing.
  • loss of 1 cm to 2 cm penis length.
  • severe pain during the first weeks after the operation.

Despite its disadvantages, the penile prosthesis is the best solution especially for people who can not treat themselves with drugs. The price of the implant in Turkey varies depending on the case, you can request your free quote and discuss directly with the most recognized doctors in this technique in Istanbul, Izmir or Antalya.



Last update : 03/04/2020
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