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Chemical peeling in Turkey, Prices of Istanbul Clinics

The skin requires care to keep its purity and brightness. This organ is particularly sensitive to the aging process and early dehydration, sadness, fatigue, and environmental harms. In this context, chemical scrub can prevent all these unwanted effects and get rid of impurities and toxins from our skin.

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Chemical scrub in Turkey & Istanbul, what is it?

The chemical scrub, this specific exfoliating care unclogs the pores in depth without damaging the epidermis. Exfoliation is a technique applied to have clear skin. Dead cells require rubbing to remove it from the surface of the epidermis this helps regenerate dead cells and improve the complexion. The skin becomes softer and sharper.

The scrub is performed with a moisturizer and exfoliating ingredients, the latter exists either chemical or mechanical. 

  • Chemical scrub: these are the molecules that have a chemical action.
  • Mechanical exfoliation: it is carried out with abrasive grains through a friction on the skin.

To have a good exfoliation, wet your face, drop a dab of exfoliating product, be brief, rinse preferably with cold water, moisturize once the facial scrub finished. 

Types in Turkey & Istanbul

Chemical peeling (acidic)

The acid scrub in Turkey & Istanbul is based on methods practised in dermatology, it attacks the dead cells of the epidermis through acidic agents. Among the acids are fruit acids or organic compounds. The choice of these acids is related to the type of skin to avoid the risk of irritation.

Among the acids we find AHA and BHA are powerful and very interesting cosmetic ingredients if they use them wisely.

  • Glycolic acid (Alpha Hydroxy Acid or AHA) : It is found in sugar cane, but can be synthesized. This acid is intended for mature skin. It is the anti-aging fruit acid that penetrates deeply into the skin, therefore, it is better to dose to avoid complications.

  • Lactic acid (Alpha Hydroxy Acid or AHA) : It originates from the fermentation of milk and it is also found in several fruits or synthesized. It is used by skins lacking luster. It acts mainly on dead cells and surface skin defects.
  • Salicylic acid (Beta Hydroxy Acid or BHA) : It originates from the willow but can also be synthesized. It is Intended primarily for oily and imperfect skin. Its main effect is skin cleansing.

The techniques of chemical exfoliation (acid) are intended for all types of skin. The only precaution is to respect the dosage since the skin is very sensitive.

Enzymatic scrub (chemical)

 Among chemical scrubbing techniques, we can also find enzymatic scrub, It is based on enzymes from fruits. Enzymes are also present in some yeasts. The enzymatic scrub also called "proteases" since they attack proteins, dead skin.

Turquie Santé allows you to perform your chemical Exfoliation in Turkey at reasonable and well negotiated prices. You can select between clinics in Istanbul, Izmir or Ankara and have a look at the reviews of our customers.

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Frequently asked questions

Chemical peeling (or exfoliation) is an effective solution to treat:

  • Brown spots;
  • Hyperpigmentation;
  • Tiny wrinkles;
  • Acne and its scars;
  • Superficial imperfections of the skin.

No ! Exposure to the sun is strongly not recommended before and after the chemical peeling. The application of a sun protection cream for at least three months, after this procedure, is necessary.

Chemical exfoliation is a medical procedure that must be performed by a dermatologist. Turquie Santé can help you choose the best dermatologists in Turkey.

The best period for this is autumn. The skin would have lost its tan and would then be able to regain its radiance during the winter before getting exposed to the summer sun.

Chemical exfoliation is absolutely not advised for:

  • Pregnant women;
  • Women being on contraceptives;
  • People with oral herpes;
  • People whose skin heals poorly;

The price of a peel varies between 200 and 350 euros in Turkey. These costs are competitive with other countries like France.

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Chemical peeling

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