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Membership policy To Turquie Santé


Each year we receive around 100 membership requests from Turkish hospitals. But it is important for us to make sure that our patients are in the right hands in order to obtain the highest quality of medical care.

That’s why, we have developed a strict list of requirements that must be respected by our partners, such as:

The qualification of doctors should be confirmed by:

  • Education and training programs.

  • Professional career.

  • Licenses and certificates.

  • Membership in professional associations and international communities.

  • Internships and advanced training in international medical facilities.

  • Scientific activity such as research, publications, participation in professional events.

  • Level of medical establishment should be based on:

  • Implementation of the international treatment protocol.

  • Accreditations by reputable international health organizations.

  • Certificates that are issued by independent auditing companies and classification agencies.

  • Physical and technical capabilities, in particular :

    • The latest equipment which is efficient and safe.

    • Internal laboratories.

    • The availability of Innovative treatment methods.

    • Participation in clinical trials.

    • Hospital-based training centers.

    • Responsiveness to patient requests.

    • Patients can get a second consultation that is free of charge.


  • The level of care for international patients :

    • Personal medical coordinator and linguistic assistance.

    • Transfer and accommodation in partner hotels of the medical center at special prices.

    • Assistance in obtaining a visa, and so forth.

    • Our medical coordinators personally visit our partner medical centers 3 times a year in order to check the high quality of medical assistance and services.


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