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What is a gingivectomy?

It is an aesthetic surgery that involves removal of the excess gingiva. This dental intervention is quite recognized in Turkey thanks to the presence of dental surgeons specialized in dental care and cosmetic surgery of the teeth.

To whom we have to talk about gingivectomy?

It's the dentist who specializes in parontodal surgery who does this kind of surgery. The patient can arrange an appointment, the doctor performs a comprehensive stomatological examination to give advice on the feasibility of this cosmetic operation.

What are the benefits of cosmetic gingivectomy?

  • Gingivectomy is a simple operation.
  • It eliminates excess gingival tissue resulting from gingival hypertrophy.
  • By this intervention we can correct the aesthetics by recontourning the gum.

Laser gingivoplasty

The redundant or hyperplastic tissue can be removed in a bloodless field with minimal or no postoperative pain. The result increases the length of the clinical crown for longer restoration retention and better aesthetic harmony.

Compared to traditional surgical techniques, laser gingivoplasty is performed without scalpel and sutures and establishes an ideal tissue architecture without postoperative retraction. Final impressions for restorations can be made at the same appointment, which results in consistently predictable results.

Diode laser gingivectomy

A fast, reliable and effective way to relieve your patients of mouth ulcers and herpes. The diode laser ensures that the affected areas are dried and disinfected without any pain.

Today, diode laser treatment is highly recommended thanks to its effectiveness in relieving and eliminating herpes and induced pain.

What are the indications?

Cosmetic gingivectomy is indicated in the following cases:

  • Gingival fibrosis of undetermined cause
  • Gingival hypertrophy interfering with the construction of a tooth
  • Gingival hypertrophy of drug cause (ciclosporin, phenytoines, dihydropyridines ...)

How is the operation in Turkey going?

First of all, the dentist performs the eviction measurements with a parontodal probe. Then, it reports the depth of the false gingival pockets by bloody points.

Then, he made incisions following a line parallel to the bloody points using an angled blade. The incision is made by following a continuous line in the gum. Finally, the dentist completes the incisions by releasing the gums at the level of the taste buds.

Healing after gingivectomy

Like any surgery one can be confronted with complications.

During a gingivectomy we can have:

  • A hemorrhagic complication by bleeding from the gum
  • Significant pain in per and post operative
  • Or a bone exposure

These complications are rare, but we should still note some. The likely medium-term complications are:

  • Poor healing
  • Increased tooth sensitivity
  • Or a risk of aesthetic damage

Gingivectomy cost in Turkey & Istanbul

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Clinic ESNAN Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey

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Memorial Hizmet

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  • 7 operating rooms
  • Capacity of 77 beds
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Memorial Ataşehir

Istanbul, Turkey

  •  Multi-specialty hospital with 143 beds
  •  Appreciated and recognized medical personnel
  •  Founded in 2008
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Estetik International

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