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Gingivectomy in Turkey - Affordable prices for a beautiful smile

Gingivectomy in Turkey is an aesthetic procedure that involves the removal of excess gum (gingival smile correction). It removes excess gum, which is not only unsightly but also a breeding ground for bacteria.

Side effects
  • Bleeding
  • Pain
  • Tooth sensitivity
Intervention or treatment's duration
  • The session lasts 10 to 30 minutes
Recovery time
  • Stop bleeding from the second day
  • Final result 3 to 7 days after the intervention
Success rate
  • 90%

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Gingivectomy prices in Turkey

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In general, the average price of a gingivectomy in Turkey is 38 Dollars.

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  • Member of the American Hospital Association (AHA)
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When is gingivectomy indicated?

Gingivectomy may be indicated in the following cases:

  • Idiopathic gingival hyperplasia (or gingival fibrosis) of unknown cause.
  • Gingival dysplasia that interferes with tooth structure.
  • Gingival hypertrophy caused by certain medications such as cyclosporine, phenytoins, and dihydropyridines.
  • Periodontitis (severe gum infection).

If your gums are receding, your doctor may recommend gum grafting surgery.

Types of gingivectomy in Turkey

Depending on the purpose of the procedure, different gingivectomy techniques can be distinguished:

  • Scalpel gingivectomy: This is the traditional technique, using a scalpel to remove the gum.
  • Laser gingivectomy: This technique uses a laser to vaporize the gum tissue. It has the advantage of being more precise and less invasive, limiting bleeding and promoting healing.

Before planning a gingivectomy, it's important to consult a qualified dentist or periodontist to discuss the various treatment options, benefits, and potential risks.

Scalpel gingivectomy procedure in Turkey

Gingivectomy is performed under local anesthesia of the gingiva. Using a periodontal probe, the dentist takes measurements to determine the depth of the bleeding gum pockets (periodontitis) and the size of the excess gum (gingival hyperplasia).

Next, the dentist uses an angled blade to make incisions along a line parallel to the bleeding areas. The incision is made along a continuous line in the gum.

Finally, the dentist sutures the gum at the level of the taste buds.

Complications after Gingivectomy

As with any surgery, postoperative complications and pain may occur.

After a gingivectomy, the patient may experience some short- and medium-term complications, including

  • Gum bleeding or bruising.
  • Significant pain.
  • Bone exposure.
  • Poor healing.
  • Increased tooth sensitivity.
  • Or the risk of cosmetic damage.

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Frequently asked questions

Gingivectomy is the surgery of the partial removal of gingival tissue.

Partial removal of the gingival tissue is indicated in the following cases:

  • When treating periodontal disease.
  • To treat gingival hyperplasia, caused by taking certain medications.
  • To rectify the gingival smile.

To avoid postoperative complications, some hygiene and nutrition recommendations should be followed:

  • Be careful not to peel off or move the dressing and avoid hard food;
  • Favor a soft or liquid diet;
  • Maintain good oral hygiene;
  • Use antiseptic mouthwashes to accelerate healing.

The success rate of gum removal surgery in our clinics in Turkey is 90%.

Gingivectomy is the surgery that removes excess gum tissue, whereas gingivoplasty is the procedure that consists of reforming the gum without altering its height.

Gum surgery improves the aesthetics of the smile by treating periodontal disease affecting the gum tissue.

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