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  Because being sick is a trying and difficult phase, even more if a trip abroad is necessary in order to obtain the best aesthetic or medical care according to your budget, which the founders of Turkey Health thought of. solve all kinds of problems encountered by our patients from all over the world in order to organize their medical or aesthetic stays in Turkey without any unpleasant surprises.

The specialists of Turkey to make your medical stay a success !

  Our medical assistants only work on the Turkey destination, and therefore have unrivaled expertise in its medical and organizational aspects, so you will be quickly and easily in direct contact with the best doctors and surgeon and at the best price

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23-25 Delarivière Lefoullon street - la Défense , Paris 92800

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 of Integrated Oncology and Palliative Care
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Direct prices from hospitals
Direct prices from hospitals
The prices you can find on the site are provided by our partner hospitals. Turquie Santé does not add any hidden fees or surcharges to these prices. We agree discounts with our partners and offer certain procedures at special prices.
Trusted medical centers
Trusted medical centers
We only work with centers that meet strict selection criteria, such as the qualifications of the doctors, technical capabilities, quality of services, certifications, etc. If a center does not meet these criteria, we remove it from the catalog.
Authentic opinions
Authentic opinions
Only a patient or accompanying person accompanying person who booked the hospital through Turquie Santé and received medical services there can write a review. We share testimonials from real patients, both positive as well as not so good.
Free advice & assistance
Free advice & assistance
Our services are completely free for our patients, we are the official representatives of all the hospitals we offer and are sponsored by our partners.
Follow up in your Country
Follow up in your Country
After your return home, our doctors continue to be in regular contact with you to ensure your good recovery and provide assistance.
Reliability of scientific content
Reliability of scientific content
All contents of the websites are verified by media experts. We only use trusted data provided by international organizations and protocols.
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Patients do not pay for our consultation, hospital search and medical travel arrangements.

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