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Biopsy of the Endometrium in Turkey, Prices of Istanbul Clinics

The tissue that lines the inner wall of the uterus is called the endometrium and can show cellular changes in response to changes in hormone levels as well as the presence of abnormal tissue. Taking a small sample of endometrial tissue in a procedure called an endometrial biopsy can help diagnose certain diseases or detect uterine infections.

Biopsy of the Endometrium
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    Biopsy of the Endometrium Turkey
    Who is this procedure for?

    The women :

    • Having abnormal uterine bleeding.
    • Having bleeding after menopause.
    • Screening for endometrial cancer after detecting abnormal cells.
    • Wanting to assess their fertility.
    • Wanting to check the response to hormone therapy.
    Side effects
    • Small bleeding
    • Infection is possible
    • Possibility of fever or pain
    Alternative treatments
    Intervention or treatment's duration
    • The biopsy takes about 10 minutes.
    • The results will be available in approximately 15 days.

    What is a biopsy of the Endometrium?

    A biopsy involves taking a tissue or organ fragment from such an area of interest at a clinical or radiological control point. The biopsy occurs via a needle, speculum examination, or conventional surgery on any organ.
    It can reliably establish or confirm a diagnosis through various analytical methods.
    A biopsy is widely used in the study of oncology and certain autoimmune diseases. The biopsy samples collected will be quickly sent to the pathological dissection laboratory. It's there where they will be fixed in formalin for 12 to 24 hours, then placed in paraffin blocks, cut into 3 µm thick, and then colored and analyzed under a microscope through a pathologist. It should not be confused with cytological analysis, which involves analyzing cells without diagnosing tissue structure.
    What is an endometrium?
    The endometrium refers to the lining of the uterus that covers the interior of the uterus. Indeed, a uterus is a hollow muscle composed of a broad upper part called the cervix and a narrow lower part that denotes the cervix. Its function is controlled by the hormones produced by the ovaries (estrogen and progesterone).
    The body of the uterus comprises three layers :
    •    A uterine serum.
    •    A myometer.
    •    An endometrium consists of the first layer of the cells that make up the epithelium and the connective tissue containing the uterine glands.
    Usually, the cancers of the uterine body evolve according to the cells that make up the epithelium of the endometrium: these are adenocarcinomas. There are rarer forms: sarcoma and leiomyosarcoma. This type of cancer often affects postmenopausal women.

    Endometrial biopsy in Istanbul, Turkey Prices 

    A biopsy of the endometrium is a sample of the lining of the uterus used for pathological examinations, allowing the analysis of its cells under a microscope. The exam is a bit sensitive and may be performed without hospitalization.
    A biopsy is obtained by using a small curette to remove debris from this mucous membrane during a pelvic examination or hysteroscopy, which also allows visualization of the cavity.
    The sampling may be sensitive or even painful.

    The price of an endometrial biopsy, which is performed in our clinic by our best doctors and paramedics in Istanbul, Turkey, is the most competitive. Thereby, we provide you with a special offer that includes the price of the procedure, hospital and hostel accommodation, and other expenses.

    How does the exam take place in Istanbul, Turkey?

    Following consultation in one of the best clinics in Istanbul, Turkey, the doctor begins with an endoscopic examination. He introduces a small double-shell device used to separate the vaginal wall and reveal the cervix, then carefully inserts a thin stem to remove a small piece of the mucous membrane. The whole process lasts only a few seconds, and there is nothing more embarrassing than the discomfort when removing a speculum or laying an IUD.
    What is probably more annoying, but very brief, is if the doctor has to pull on the neck with a special clamp, to put the hole back in the axis.
    After the procedure, the examination of the biopsy may lead to the appearance of small bleeding and even if rare but infection is possible: in case of fever or pain, consult the doctor without hesitation.

    The interest in endometrial biopsy

    After careful examination, the pathologist shall prepare a detailed report on the analysis of the sample. Which includes the shape of the tissue, the size and number of cells, and the detection of any other characteristic indicating the presence of a specific abnormality. The report also includes a detailed explanation of normal or abnormal cell growth.
    Abnormal results may reveal one of the following conditions :
    •    Benign tumors or fibroids.
    •    Endometriosis following infection.
    •    Cancer of the endometrium.
    •    Thyroid problems.

    When should a uterine biopsy be performed?

    Endometrial biopsy is requested in the following cases:
    •    looking for cancerous lesions on a clinical call point such as abnormal bleeding (menorrhagia- or metrorrhagia).
    •    During an infertility check-up.
    •    Menstrual cycles are heavy or very long.
    •    Irregular menstrual cycle.
    •    Unexplained menopause.
    •    The lining of the uterus is thick.
    •    Abnormal bleeding in women taking tamoxifen treatment, which is a treatment for breast cancer.

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