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Over several years working in the medical tourism sector in Turkey, and a continuous feedback from our patients about their experiences, our team of medical coordinators has become an expert on this destination in terms of practical advices and funny tips for spending the less without affecting the quality of your medical stay in Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir or Bursa.

In order to not add more stress in addition to that of your illness or your expectations in beauty care in Turkey, we thought of offering this rich guide in advices and experiences lived by our patients or by our own collaborators in Turkey.

Our guide will enlighten you on the essential criteria to make the best choice of your clinic, when and how to get the best price, up to organizing your trip to Istanbul at low cost, and lots of tips to follow on site during your stay in clinic or hospital in Turkey.

Beyond the essential which is your care project in Turkey, we do not have forgot to mention in addition some good plans in Turkey, such as transportation to use, the culinary specialties to be not missed and magical places to see absolutely in order to get the best out of your convalescence in Istanbul and avoid bad surprises for your budget.


This guide is the result of feedback of our patients around the world.


How to find your clinic in Turkey?

The first idea that comes to mind for almost everyone, is to get in direct contact with hospitals where you will find their contact details online.

It remains a classic way and in which it will quickly raise its limits, if comparing this way with contacting a specialized agency at no cost like Turkey Health.

What more can Turkey Health offer me compared to direct contact with a clinic?

It's very simple!

It’s like you book a hotel room at the same desk hotel without going through specialized comparators websites where you could pay less for the same service.


Is Turkey safe as a destination?

Contrary to certain received ideas especially in Europe probably because of some media, it’s a country as secure as Germany with surveillance cameras everywhere in the public highway, where theft or assault remain rare cases.

It has become a country of full employment thanks to its sustained growth since over 15 years.

You will feel safer in Istanbul than in Paris, and we are ready to bet on it ..


Do I need a visa to enter Turkey?

Turkey does not require a visa for many countries, as certain in Europe like France or Greece or in Africa like Morocco or Tunisia and almost no for Asian countries like Indonesia and Russia.

However, if you come from a country to which Turkey request a visa, it is often easy and in the electronic form, so a simple formality on site at the airport or just request it online with instant visa by email against payment of around 50 dollars.


What is the period time to avoid for your medical stay in Turkey?

Generally, in August and periods of religious festivals like those of sacrifice and end of the month of Ramadan, the medical staff is reduced due to annual leave, and therefore confirmation of appointments with good doctors at this time will prove difficult.

Otherwise in relation to the weather, on Istanbul or even on all of Turkey on weather is mild with normal season temperatures.


How can I pay less for my flight ticket to Turkey?

If you are planning your medical or aesthetic care in Istanbul, know that in this large metropolis of 20 million people, there are three airports for commercial flights:

Istanbul's new mega airport inaugurated just in 2019 located inEuropean side of Istanbul.

Sabiha Gokcen Airport located on the Asian side of Istanbul which serves more low cost flights at low prices.

And remains the old Ataturk Airport which becomes reserved only for private jets and the fret.

As for booking a flight to any country in the world, here is some little tips:

Try to book your flight at least 2 months before your travel date.

Refer more to flight comparators and airlines reputable low-cost airlines like Pegasus Airlines which is a branch of Turquish Airlines.

Do not buy your checked baggage extras back and forth if not needed.

Do not buy your ticket online during working hours, but after 11 p.m

Often if you do your flight research from an i phone, your fare will be compared to another brand or computer because you

are considered a customer with high purchasing power.

If you are planning your trip to Izmir, Antalya or Ankara, know that you will find very modern airports with very good flight connections, domestic and international.


A week before coming to Turkey, important to know:

Some medical or aesthetic procedures require stopping alcohol, tobacco or even certain drugs such as the coagulants a few days before, and so if you didn't respect that, your surgery could be delayed with a change in the program for your medical stay in Istanbul.

There are also cases where you should be fasting the first day.

Contact your personal Turkey Health medical coordinator at this topic.


Conditions of admission to hospitals in Turkey

For beauty treatments, you must be of legal age, therefore more than 18 years and present your passport with payment for your treatment according to your quote obtained by Turkey Health


What are the means of payment accepted by clinics in Turkey?

You can pay by international credit card, cash in local currency or even in dollars, euros and pound sterling. And if you

opt for a prepayment which is not required with Turkey Health, you can easily make a money transfer from your country to the hospital directly.


Change in the price of your medical or cosmetic care, important to know:

As your treatment plan and estimate were established remotely by internet, there are approximately 4% of cases or a care plan initially proposed will be modified after your actual consultation with your doctor and or updated medical diagnosis.

This necessarily involves a change of quote whether it is at the increase or decrease or outright a cancellation of the intervention seen health risks you could run.

Generally, the proposed quotes are calculated on the basis of standard interventions, and therefore do not take into account whether there will be any complications after.

Extras may be invoiced to you in addition, justified by a generation intensive care and or with more nights in clinics than expected.

How to move in Istanbul?

It's very easy, since the public transport network is very dense and modern in terms of infrastructure and use.

The key of Istanbul is to obtain easily the empty Istanbul Kart card and anonymous for the price of 8 Liras (around 1 euro) in a kiosk or at a station metro, then you could recharge it as you wish from terminals generally installed at the entrances to stations.


Where and how can I use my ISTANBUL KART card?

Istanbul Kart is accepted everywhere: metro, tram, bus, cable car, funicular,ferry boats and even taxis and parking

Ispark car, and the most important is also to use it with the HavaIst company which ensures transport from and to airports in new Mercedes luxury buswith individual screens for each passenger, and porter service to load and unload your luggage with receipts like those airlines, so no stress at stops.

Your shuttle from the new airport from Istanbul to for example the tourist district from Aksaray will cost you 20 Liras (around 3 eurosonly) with the company HavaIst.

At each use, your balance will be debited, for example 4 liras for the metro (about 0.60 euros), and if you make a connection within the hour that follows you will not be charged again.

Note that on the buses, you can not pay so without this famous card you couldn't borrow it.

If you prefer private and more comfortable transport, you will find taxis from yellow colors almost everywhere otherwise you can request them from the ITaxi application which is reliable like that of Uber but with the advantage to not enter your credit card as a condition.


Are credit cards accepted in Turkey?

Yes, you could buy everywhere with a Visa credit card or Mastercard in Turkey.


Before leaving your clinic, important to know:

Ask for invoices that match what you paid for.

- Request medical intervention reports in English.

- Write down all the recommendations to follow from your doctor.

- If you have paid more than expected, please inform your medical coordinator of

Turkey Health staff directly to see more clearly and you can be refunded the difference if there is an error.


Recommended tours for medical convalescent people in Istanbul

First you have to respect the recommendations of your doctor in Turkey on activities to avoid, but generally our list of suggested outings is not too restrictive or risky after your cosmetic surgery in Turkey.


Local culinary specialties to be not missed in Istanbul

If your doctor allows it, here is a small list concocted by our own Turkey Health medical coordinators who already know Turkey :

Turquie Santé assistants will help you find the best clinics in Turkey