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Heart transplant in Turkey, Prices of Istanbul Clinics

Heart transplantation is a complex surgical procedure in which a healthy heart is transplanted from a donor to a recipient with end-stage heart failure.

Heart transplantation is generally reserved for people who have exhausted all other treatment options and have a very poor prognosis without a transplant.

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Heart transplant Turkey

Heart transplant: what is it?

A heart transplant is a surgical procedure that involves replacing a sick native heart with a healthy one (taken from a donor). The first operation was carried out in South Africa in 1967 (the patient survived 18 days after the operation because of rejection of the graft by the immune system). Starting in the 1980s, researchers discovered the graft antirejection that increased the success rate of heart transplants.

The heart transplant operation in Turkey is carried out for both adults and children and its main objective is to improve the quality of life of the person suffering from severe heart failure.

When is a Heart Transplant Needed?

Heart failure - the inability of the heart to adequately pump blood - is a condition that may require organ replacement.

Generally, this condition is controlled with appropriate drug therapy and a pacemaker-defibrillator. However, when these treatments are no longer effective, the patient may become a candidate for a heart transplant.

To determine eligibility for heart transplantation, a multidisciplinary team of experts in Turkey evaluates not only clinical aspects but also the patient's psychological and social factors.
Heart failure or decompensation is a condition resulting from :

Process of Cardiac Transplantation in Türkiye

The donor heart must be a perfect match for the recipient in terms of blood type, tissue compatibility, and size. Once a suitable donor heart has been identified, the recipient is prepared for surgery.

Before the operation

Before heart transplantation, the recipient undergoes a preoperative evaluation and blood test to assess all vital functions.

The operation is always performed on an emergency basis, within a few hours (usually 4 hours) of receiving the donor heart. The operation is performed under general anesthesia. Heart transplantation takes between 4 and 10 hours.

During the intervention

The operation begins with the removal of almost all the diseased heart (except the roof of the left atrium with its 4 pulmonary veins) after the placement of the patient under extracorporeal circulation, which temporarily replaces the circulatory function of the heart. Then, the already prepared graft will be connected to the atrium of the old heart to begin the beat and the circulation of the blood in a normal way. Sometimes the new heart needs medicine to help pump blood to all the organs in the body.

Following the operation

After the transplant, the recipient will need lifelong immunosuppressive treatment to prevent the risk of heart rejection. This involves taking drugs that suppress the immune system and reduce the risk of the body attacking and rejecting the transplanted heart.

Regular medical check-ups and close monitoring are also essential to assess heart function and detect any signs of rejection or other complications.

Heart Transplantation Cost in Turkey

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Prices of heart graft

United Kingdom

500,000 €





Türkiye (Turquie santé)

From 165,000 €

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