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Strabismus treatment in Turkey, Prices of Istanbul Clinics

Strabismus or crossed eyes is a deviation of one or both ocular globes from the fixation point. Therefore, the visual axes are not directed towards the same point of space. It is distinguished according to the direction of this deviation.

Indeed, there are three types of strabismus, which are:

  • Convergent strabismus or esotropia (the ocular globe is deflected inwards);
  • Divergent strabismus (the ocular globe is deflected outwards);
  • Vertical strabismus (the ocular globe is deflected upwards or downwards).

The appearance and the function of the eyes are very important for one’s self-esteem. Fortunately, crossed eyes are no longer a problem thanks to the improvement of the field of ophthalmology in Turkey.

Strabismus treatment Turkey
Who is this procedure for?
  • Patients with strabismus
Intervention or treatment's duration
  • The operation lasts one hour
Recovery time
  • Back to daily activities oe week after the operation
  • Full recovery after one month
Success rate
  • 95%

What are the causes that lead to Strabismus

Strabismus can be related to visual defects or rather serious eye diseases. Among the main factors, we can mention:

  • Heredity;
  • Ocular disorders such as cataracts and ptosis;
  • Refractive errors or the so-called ametropias;
  • Intellectual deficiency or cerebral palsy;
  • Paralysis of one of the ocular muscles.

What causes this condition in Children?

In children, the strabismus can be caused by incorrect refractive errors or the hypermetropia. The latter may lead to a convergent strabismus.

Another common cause of this condition is the reduced vision in one eye (amblyopia or lazy eye). The latter prevents the normal co-operation between the two ocular globes, usually generating a divergent strabismus.

Moreover, the strabismus can appear at birth (congenital strabismus) or in the first months of life. The latter is usually not linked to other ocular defects.

What causes this condition in Adults?

In adults, the sudden appearance of any form of strabismus is due to the paralysis of the extraocular muscles. A strabismus in adults can also translate an acquired injury of the eye muscles. The latter may be due to a trauma or a surgical intervention.

Results of the Surgery, Vision Therapy & Botox for Strabismus

The misalignment of the two eyes causes a stimulation of non-corresponding retinal points. The deviated eye brings to the brain a different image compared with that of the other eye. Because its fovea fixes a different object, this would result in a very annoying double vision.

Therefore, the brain tends to exclude or suppress the visual information coming from the crossed eyes because they create confusion. If the elimination is constant, the deviated eye does not develop or loses its binocular vision until it generates an amblyopia. The latter is a formof visual laziness for which an eye cannot see well, although it is anatomically normal.

Among the solutions offered to patients with strabismus, we can mention:

The Surgery for Crossed Eyes

Strabismus surgery in Turkey and Istanbul intends to recover visual function. It also aims to eliminate or reduce a deviation that persists despite regular optical treatments.

The surgeon performs strabismus surgery under general anesthesia in young children and under local anesthesia in adults. It allows ophthalmologists to intervene on the eye muscles to put the eyes as much as possible in the axis.

The Vision Therapy for Crossed Eyes

When a good visual acuity of both eyes has been obtained, the doctor will move on to the next phase. The latter would be the realignment of the eyeballs. The vision therapy program consists of vision correction and orthoptic training (eye exercises).

Botox for Strabismus

Botulinum toxin's injections for strabismus treatment  is a noninvasive technique that is sometimes employed in the strabismus visual therapy. The eye doctor uses Botox for strabismus to reduce the misalignment of the eyes by strengthening the extraocular muscles.

In certain situations, the use of Botox injections may have an advantage that will be exposed by your ophthalmologist.

Squint Eye Treatment & Costs in Turkey & Istanbul

The treatment of squint eye aims at the visual and functional recovery of both eyes at the cheapest cost in Turkey. 

The lenses must be prescribed as soon as possible after the determination of the refractive defect. The use of lenses leads to some multiple effects such as:

  • The improvement of visual acuity.
  • The influence on the convergence/accommodation ratio.
  • The decrease of the ocular deviation.

The Squint Eye in adults: Best Treatments & Vision Therapy

A strabismus in adults is often an infantile developed squint that is neglected. It may also be a late recurrence favoured by various causes such as:

  • The cessation of vision correction;
  • The appearance of presbyopia;
  • Particular conditions of visual weakness.

Surgery may be necessary to correct the ocular deviation. It follows the same rules applied to children. However, some particularities should be noted; in some cases the operation can be performed under local anesthesia.

The presence of diplopia is more frequent in adults than in children. Added to that, it may require complementary treatment if it persists.

Strabismus Surgery for children: Cheap Prices & Costs in Istanbul

Once the doctor performs the preliminary examinations, it is important to intervene as soon as possible. Often, the surgery can be performed even on patients who are only 2 years old.

This is a relatively simple operation. The difficulties may happen before and after the intervention, given the very young age of some patients.

Turquie santé helps you reach the best clinics and hospitals that offer the cure for this disease at affordable costs and prices. Strabismus surgeryin Turkey and Istanbul is the most suitable alternative to treat some types of strabismus. It also gives a better prognosis in the long term, especially for an essential infantile esotropia.

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