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This strange feeling coming out of the new Istanbul airport or even from Sabiha airport, we feel quickly in a modern and tourist setting along with a welcoming and warm atmosphere.

Many come in groups where drivers are waiting for them with signs, and those who come to the adventure in this splendid metropolis of more than 20 million inhabitants.

But it is not just this... many also arrive for care at top clinics and private hospitals in Istanbul to treat their tired lines and a lot of hope makes their eyes shine ...

Yes, they are right to believe it! in Istanbul you are well in the 21st century, thanks to a strong and fairly stable health policy, Istanbul has become a world capital of health, we find private hospitals of all classes A, B, and C with highly experienced doctors thanks to the large flow of international patients, and of course the latest technology equipment where they are sometimes operational in Turkey before being in France!

In fact, Istanbul is the European New York while being much more accessible. ​Turquie Santé ​is here to help you easily find and successfully complete your medical trip.


Top & private hospitals in Istanbul

After your dental care, nothing prevents you from discovering the magic of ​Istanbul​! Do not hesitate to see the Bosphorus that connects the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara.

Here is the Europe-Asia boundary... The Sultanahmet district, the Egyptian bazaar, the Grand Bazaar, the Blue Mosque, and AyaSofia can be found just across the way. At night, Istanbul becomes magical and shopping is always a pleasure before dinner on terraces with breathtaking views.

The best private & top hospitals for your dental care?

Are you looking for the best clinic or private hospitals in Istanbul? Do you have a language barrier and cannot communicate with the medical staff?
Don't worry, Turquie santé will do it for you. Just send your medical file and our english speaking team will find you a recognized private hospital in Turkey where French, English and Arabic are spoken.
The private hospitals in Istanbul which are specialized in medical care will offer you their services as well as a FREE Airport / Hotel transfer.

Istanbul Turkey: English speaking country

Visiting a city like Istanbul is a unique experience not to be missed. The oriental charm can be felt in its famous mosques, the great souks, and the ancient palaces. Besides, its beautiful hotels and its modern shopping malls show the modern aspect of the city. 

Istanbul is not only a breathtaking tourist destination for those who love to travel, but also the ideal destination for those who want to carry out effective, safe, and economic cosmetic surgeries. It is the perfect destination to spend a long weekend between history, culture, and great food. 

What you should know about our clinics

Istanbul can be summed up with just two words, greatness and magnificence. A town bordering two continents with 26 centuries of history, it is unique in the world. Atmospheres between ancient and modern, European and Asian, majestic architecture, and characteristic places. The Sultanahmet district is the heart of the old town. It evokes the Ottoman empire and the Roman empire, among the domes of wonderful mosques, those that dominate the Istanbul panorama.

In addition, this city  holds the most beautiful palace in Turkey: the Topkapi palace which is the ultimate symbol of the power of the Ottoman empire. It is part of a complex that includes a maze of buildings gathered around four large courtyards. Absolutely not to be missed. 

Istanbul is a true shopping paradise; every year the Istanbul Shopping Fest is organized! In the grand bazaar, you will find a lot of things to buy, of all kinds, in a very engaging context. 

Medical and dental care: english speaking team

Travelling does not mean only discovering new cities, exploring pristine territories, or setting aside a few days to grow your passion. You can also travel to take care of yourself, undertake new treatments, or regain your well being. There are many people who cross international borders to undergo effective and safe surgical operations thanks to the considerable savings compared to their country of origin.

Last update : 01/10/2023

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