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In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a treatment where the egg is fertilized with sperm, outside the human body - "in vitro". The fertilized egg also called The zygote is cultured in the laboratory for a period of 2 to 6 days, to be implanted later in the uterus of the future mother for pregnancy.

Information about the FERTILIZATION IN-VITRO method

There are many steps during IVF, each with the goal of increasing the chances of a successful pregnancy. Depending on the personal situation of the patients, the treatments used vary according to each individual's case.

Sometimes ovarian hyperstimulation is used, it consists of generating numerous ovarian follicles through a fertility treatment such as injectable gonadotropin. Besides, in most cases of ovarian hyperstimulation, it will take 10 days of injections. Side effects are unfortunately visible with ovarian hyperstimulation.

A natural IVF cycle is performed without ovarian hyperstimulation, and "soft" IVF is a procedure with reduced doses of stimulant drugs.

After that is the next step which is egg retrieval or oocyte retrieval. This process is rather short and does not last more than an hour. Between 10 and 30 eggs are taken, but this number may be lower in a natural FIV procedure.

After that it is the egg and the sperm that will be incubated together in a culture medium, so that the fertilization takes place. The resulting embryos will be cultured to segmentation, or stage of the blastocyst. The embryos of good quality are then chosen to be transferred.. The best are transferred to the patient's uterus. A medical prescription is then recommended, to improve the chances of implantation and embryogenesis. Compare free quotes from our clinics in Turkey and Istanbul for your care and make an appointment. We negotiate reasonable and well-researched prices for you.


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Last update : 02/04/2020
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