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Cheekbone Reduction in Turkey, Cost of Istanbul & Antalya Clinics

Many people look in the mirror and see or feel that they have high cheekbones, which makes their face look aesthetically ugly. Instead of being elongated, it is square, which makes their features harder and less stylized. Resulting from plastic surgery, this defect can be corrected by reducing the cheekbones, so that the width of the face is softened and it appears slimmer.

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Cheekbone Reduction Turkey
Who is this procedure for?
  • Patients who want to reduce the volume of their cheekbones

Alternative treatments
  • Bichectomy (removal of buccal fat)

Intervention or treatment's duration
  • Between 30-45 minutes

What is cheekbone reduction?

Cheekbone reduction is a maxillofacial surgery that is part of cosmetic osteotomies of the face. With its application, you are going to achieve a very significant change in the appearance of the face, but always obtain very natural results while beautifying the features.

Reasons to reduce cheekbones

The main reasons that lead a person to reduce their cheekbones are aesthetic. Normally, these people, when looking in the mirror, with their cheekbones being too high or too protruding.

Likewise, they observe that at the height of the cheekbones, the face is too wide, causing them to exhibit hard and coarse facial features. If we look at these unique faces from a 45º angle, we will see that only the cheekbones are visible.

So, when all these patients come in for a consultation, what they are looking for is that their skin tone doesn't appear so broad, and, therefore, what they want is to style it.

How does the operation affect the bone structure?

During this procedure, the soft tissues that support these cheekbones fall, since their support is removed. That is why the reduction of the cheekbones must be achieved with other techniques that elevate these tissues, in addition to fixing them to prevent them from falling.

Post-operative care and Complementary Treatment

By reducing the bony part of the cheekbones, sagging of the soft tissues occurs, which is why it is necessary to carry out complementary treatments.

Cheek lift

As the central cheeks will descend, they must be repositioned using a facelift. It is necessary to pull the deep muscles of the face and thus one can restore the natural curvature of the face.

Correction of skeletonized areas

If you have high or prominent zygomes, there will be skeletonization of certain parts, such as the forehead. This is corrected by a lipostructural injection.

Usual surgical procedure

Before the cheekbone reduction, the general tests that are requested for any surgical procedure must be carried out. General anesthesia is administered during the procedure.

In the operating room, the first thing that is done is an intraorally incision to expose the excess jaw bone. The excess bone is then removed, and the face is refined. The next step is the repositioning of the deep muscles.

Recovery after cheekbone reduction surgery

The recovery process after a cheekbone reduction surgery involves a series of guidelines that we will tell you in detail.

  • Typically, for the first 48–72 hours, ice is usually applied to the area to prevent inflammation, followed by warm clothes.
  • It will be necessary to maintain special oral hygiene measures since it is particularly important in this process to avoid infections.
  • It is normal to feel tightness and tingling in the treated area, which will subside over time. You will also notice a slight decrease in your mouth opening or even cheek asymmetries, but all of these are normal.
  • Sunbathing should be avoided, as well as physical exercise.

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