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Bursa, a modern and industrial city, revolves around mosques, mausoleums and other buildings born at the time when it was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire. Despite the overcrowding and confusion, the historic centre of the Ottoman era, which seems to resist the passing of centuries, and the many parks make it a place full of quiet corners. If after a long walk in the old town you want to rejuvenate with some fresh air, the high peaks of Mount Uludağ (the main ski resort of Turkey) are 22 km away.

The important contribution it has made to the development of Islam has given it a rather austere reputation; so it will not be difficult for you to see mosques overflowing with veiled and faithful women in prayer. However the local inhabitants are welcoming and friendly, and occasionally you will be allowed to take some photos inside the historical places of worship. The important thing is to ask with respect.

What are the peculiarities of this city?

There are countless mosques, medrese, thermal buildings, fountains, hospitals often lavishly decorated both outside and inside by fine blue or turquoise ceramic coverings. There are multiple gardens and parks dominated by a green plain that are located in the heart of an important fruit-bearing region.

Bursa has remained famous for its silk trade, its towel factory and its thermal springs. The locals are very proud of their contribution to Turkish cuisine: the İskender kebap, a giant bowl of moderately spicy meat cooked in its own sauce, was invented here in the 19th century, and is known throughout the country as "kebap bursa".

Last update : 02/06/2020
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Bursa, Turkey

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