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Breast Biopsy in Istanbul Turkey : Cost & clinics

A breast biopsy is an examination that allows histological analysis of breast tissue. It is a method that allows exclusion or confirms a diagnostic doubt related to structural changes of the mammary gland from previous radiological examinations (ultrasound, mammography, and magnetic resonance) and clinical evaluation (breast examination).

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Breast biopsy Turkey
Who is this procedure for?

People with:

  • breast lump or thickening
  • abnormal changes
Alternative treatments
Intervention or treatment's duration
  • From 20 minutes to 1 hour
Success rate
  • 98%

Breast Biopsy in Turkey

A breast biopsy in Turkey is a procedure in which a sample of breast tissue is taken for examination. The tissue sample will be sent to a laboratory at one of our partner clinics in Turkey, where doctors specializing in blood and body tissue analysis (pathologists) will examine it and make a diagnosis. In addition, a breast biopsy may also be indicated if you have a suspicious spot in your breast, such as a lump in your breast, or other signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

For example, a breast biopsy can also be used to check for atypical findings on a mammogram, ultrasound, or another breast exam. The results obtained from the breast biopsy can show whether the area contains breast cancer or not. A pathology report from a breast biopsy can help your doctor determine if you need additional surgery or other treatment.

All you need to know before you start

A breast biopsy is indicated for the investigation and diagnosis of breast lesions, both benign and malignant, to be able to plan the most appropriate therapy and/or guide surgery, if necessary.

Your doctor may indicate a breast biopsy if:

  • You have a lump or thickening of the breast and the doctor suspects breast cancer.
  • The mammogram showed a suspicious area in the breast
  • Ultrasound or MRI of the breast showed a suspicious result
  • You have abnormal changes in the nipple or areola, including blisters, peeling skin, or bloody discharge.

The potential risks

Breast biopsy has the following risks:

  • Breast bruising and swelling
  • Bleeding or infection of the biopsy site
  • Change in the shape of the breast, depending on the amount of tissue removed and how well the breast recovers

If you have a fever or if the biopsy area becomes red or warm, or even if you have an unusual leak from the biopsy area, these may be symptoms of an infection that may need to be treated immediately.

How the procedure is done in Turkey?

The biopsy procedure involves inserting a needle into the lesion to remove a sample of tissue.

A biopsy is indicated when a suspicious lesion is found in a breast after a mammogram.

It is difficult to diagnose whether a lesion is cancerous or not based on a mammogram. Therefore, your doctor in Turkey will require a direct analysis of the tissue of the lesion under a microscope. This analysis serves to verify the presence of cancer cells in the area in question.

The removal of the tissue is very important. There are many techniques for this, but the choice of one or the other depends on the location of the lesion and its size.

Biopsy techniques

A breast biopsy can be performed using several techniques. The choice of technique depends on the location, characteristics, and size of the breast tissue.

Percutaneous breast biopsy

Percutaneous (through the skin) biopsy is a minimally invasive technique that uses needles of various sizes to remove fluid or tissue samples from the suspected neoplasm. There are two main techniques used in this procedure:

  • Micro-biopsy: uses a very fine needle to remove a sample of breast cells or fluid.
  • Macro-biopsy: uses larger needles than the previous technique. During the procedure, several samples, each about the size of a grain of rice, are taken. A needle with a groove through which a cutting blade slides is inserted into the suspicious area, allowing a flap of tissue to be removed.

Surgical biopsy

A surgical biopsy is a procedure in which the entire suspected lesion (excisional biopsy) or only part of it (incisional biopsy) is removed through a small skin incision. The removed tissue is sent to a pathologist for histologic examination and, if tumor elements are present, additional tests may be performed to help make a diagnosis and plan treatment.

Post-operative follow-up

There is usually no pain after a breast biopsy. However, in some cases, it may be necessary to take a pain reliever other than aspirin.

Bruising may occur at the site of the needle injection, but this is not serious. In most cases, applying a pressure bandage or ice will prevent the formation of a hematoma.

Cost of breast biopsy in Turkey

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