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Clinics in Izmir Turkey

Izmir: a renowned city in the medical field in Turkey

Long known as Smyrna, Izmir the city is located; 1 hour of flight Istanbul, has seen in recent years a significant economic and medical development. It is considered a very popular destination by foreign visitors, as it exists on the sea and is surrounded by mountains with beautiful landscapes, not forgetting historical constructions.

Thus, the number of people who have confidence in hospitals / clinics and who are looking for good health ó is increasing continuously.

Izmir: a city in the throes of development

Turkey has been making progress in health care for the last decade, and today it is considered a strong competitor in the European Union. It should not be forgotten that Istanbul is the most visited city in Turkey whether for tourism or for care, but Izmir has shown that it is the most visited city in Turkey. it is also an important medical destination for foreign visitors.

There are 5 medical faculty à Izmir, several new hospitals and clinics as well as physical rehabilitation centers. &Nbsp; It is a pilot city in the field of health ó compared to other cities in Turkey (she inaugurated the system of the doctor dealing for example)

The best hospitals and clinics & Izmir:

A large number of hospitals / clinics exist; Izmir, they offer all the specialties with better quality. and much cheaper prices compared to the same quality ó benefits in Europe:

  • Dental Care: CTG Dental (founded in 1982 and equipped with the latest technologies), Baskent University (a medical treatment with modal standards)
  • Gynecology: ClinicBy (spacious and classy clinic among the best places in Izmir),
  • Hair transplant: Romoy center
  • Aesthetic Surgery: Ekol Hospital, Izmir Esthetic Cosmetics (renowned center in the field of aesthetic surgery)

Izmir, like many other cities in Turkey, hosts a significant number of Syrian refugees, which is why it was founded. a medical center (gynecology, psychology, pediatrics)   to heal them.

How to get a medical quote

Turkey Santé intervenes as an indispensable player in the relationship between patient and specialist in the city's best-known hospitals. The idea is to allow you to receive several medical quotes and to be able to compare the offers .

In general, we are selling interesting prices for our customers and cheap for medical services in the country. You can take advantage and then request your appointment , whether for an online consultation or to come on the spot. A team of professionals will look after your well-being.

Last update : 01/04/2020
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