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It is known as Smyrna for a long time. Izmir that is located 1 hour flight from Istanbul has experienced in recent years a significant economic and medical development. It is considered as a destination with high demand by foreign visitors, as it exists in the Aegean Sea and it is surrounded by mountains with magnificent landscapes, without forgetting the historical constructions.

Thus, the number of people who have confidence in hospitals / clinics and who seek good health is always increasing.


Tourism: a city in full development

Turkey has made progress in the field of health over the last decade, and today it is considered to be a strong competitor to the European countries. It should not be hidden that Istanbul is the most visited city in Turkey for tourism or care, but Izmir has shown that it is also an important medical destination for foreign visitors.

There are 5 faculties of medicine in Izmir, several new hospitals and clinics as well as centres for physical rehabilitation. It is a pilot city in health compared to other cities in Turkey (for example it inaugurated the system of the treating physician).

The best hospitals and dental clinics in Izmir

A large number of hospitals / clinics are in Izmir, they offer all specialties with better quality and much cheaper prices compared to the same quality of services in Europe.

Dental care: CTG Dental, founded in 1982 and equipped with the latest technologies.

Gynecology: ClinicBy is a spacious clinic and it is classified among the best places in Izmir.

Hair transplant: the Romoy center.

Aesthetic surgery: Ekol Hospital is a renowned center in the field of plastic surgery.

How to obtain a health care costs

Turquie Santé intervenes as an indispensable player in the relationship between patient and specialist in the most famous hospitals in the city. The idea is to allow you to receive several health care costs and compare offers.

Generally, we negotiate for our clients affordable and inexpensive prices for medical benefits in the country. You can take advantage and then ask for your appointment, whether for an online consultation or to come on the spot. A team of professionals will take care of your well being.

Visit this city

Izmir is the third city of Turkey and is situated on the western coast of the region, at the bottom of a narrow and long gulf mainly occupied by yachts and passenger ships that darken its pleasant waterfront. Thanks to the many cultural influences, Izmir is a cosmopolitan and vivacious city that finds on the waterfront its most intense expression. In addition, from a cultural point of view, the International Art Festival is held every year, attracting thousands of tourists from all over the world. But the tourists come here especially for the sea, since the golden beaches occupy more than 100 km of the coast: the geographical features of the area made by bays are the places where you can find many sports activities such as windsurfing, surfing, and many others.

Tourism destination: what Should I see when I visit it?

The beauty of Izmir does not stop at the beaches, but continues with history and tradition: one of them is the famous Clock Tower located in Konak Square, followed by the historic market where you can find many interesting souvenirs. In addition, like all the other cities of Turkey, Izmir also enjoys a strong culinary tradition that results in excellent dishes all to be tried, such as various types of meat and many sweets prepared with dried fruit as well as soft and very sweet fruits.

Concerning accommodation facilities, you will particularly try classic hotels or apartments, since all inclusive resorts are not very popular in these parts but are condensing south towards Bodrum. So a holiday on the coast of Izmir is recommended for those who love to travel to Izmir regardless of their purpose.

Izmir is a fascinating land of contrasts and cultures. Although the city is rapidly developing, the mystery of the East is still very much alive. Travelers love the delicious Turkish cuisine, the incredible architecture, the beautiful beaches, and its lively bazaars. 

The Turkish people have the reputation of being hospitable which makes Izmir an exotic land that deserves to be discovered. A myriad of outdoor activities are provided in Izmir. 

Last update : 04/10/2023

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