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Neck lift surgery in Turkey, Cost of Istanbul Clinics

The neck is one of those areas where the passage of time and excess fat are noticeable. The creases, wrinkles, and fat that tend to accumulate in the double chin area contribute to an aging appearance. The wrinkled chin with excess skin can bother the person and lead him to look for an effective solution to rejuvenate the neck.

Neck treatments have seen an increase in recent years. Among the most recent, we must mention the neck lift, an operation that wants to stretch the tissues and skin of this part of the body, a consequence of age, which is unsightly. This operation, performed in Istanbul clinics, aims to remove the folds and fat that have been deposited in the double chin area to make it appear taut and without wrinkles.

Cosmetic surgery "neck lift" or "Platysmaplasty" in Istanbul achieves the desired results.

Neck lift
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    Who is this procedure for?
    • Patients with excess skin on the neck
    • Patients with a double chin
    • Weight loss and sagging skin
    • Patients with aging facial skin
    Side effects
    • Hematoma
    • Scars
    • Bleeding
    • Infection
    Alternative treatments
    Intervention or treatment's duration
    • About two hours
    Recovery time
    • Back to daily activities 1 week after the operation
    • The bruises will be visible for at least 2 weeks
    • Final result visible 9 months after the operation
    Success rate
    • 95%

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    Neck Lift Surgery in Turkey: What is it?

    The neck lift (also called the chin lift) is an aesthetic intervention that helps to tighten skin wrinkles and muscles, remove excess skin, and improve the appearance of the neck in a very natural way.

    Chin lift is a very effective solution against sagging and can be combined with other cosmetic surgeries such as:

    All these surgeries add a radical change to the face that becomes more harmonious.

    This operation is intended for anyone who has the impression of having an older appearance on the face and neck. Weakness and sagging muscles can be cured through this intervention.

    Intervention Process

    During the operation of the neck lift, the surgeon makes an incision in front of and behind the ear to take off the skin and hold it.

    After surgery, a strong possibility of feeling pain and discomfort in the neck, but that disappears after a week. Return to work is possible after two weeks from the day of the intervention.

    Recovery after the Surgery

    A neck lift surgery is a simple procedure that is performed under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation in our partner clinics in Istanbul.

    You can go home right after the surgery, but you may need someone else to accompany you.

    Tips to speed the Recovery Process

    Most patients require about 7 days to rest and heal from neck lift surgery. Make sure you have somebody who can assist you during your recovery.

    To speed up the healing process, here are the following bits of advice:

    • During the first postoperative week, wear your bandage day and night.
    • As advised by your doctor, take your painkiller at a regular pace.
    • Apply a cold compress to alleviate pain and swelling.
    • Avoid washing your body with hot water for a few months.
    • Avoid effortful activities during two postoperative weeks.

    It's important to research and choose a reputable clinic or hospital in Istanbul with qualified and experienced surgeons who specialize in neck lift procedures. When considering the cost, it's essential to prioritize the quality and safety of the procedure over the price alone. Additionally, inquire about the clinic's aftercare services and any potential additional costs to ensure a smooth and successful recovery process.

    Non-invasive surgery in Istanbul, Turkey

    Neck Lift without surgery is a range of non-invasive techniques for neck rejuvenation. It includes:

    • Botox
    • Dermal fillers
    • Liposuction
    • Ultrasounds
    • Laser treatment
    • Radio frequencies' treatment

    Neck Lift procedure with Botox

    When injected into the neck area, Botox (botulinum toxin) loosens up the muscles, making them less obvious. This will make the neck and the jawlines look smoother and younger. The results of Botox treatment in non-invasive neck lift usually last between 4 and 6 months.

    Pros & Cons of Botox Injections

    Botulinum toxin can efficaciously tighten the skin, smooth out wrinkles, and conceal fine lines of the neck and jawlines. However, it cannot decrease the amount of loose skin on the neck.

    This is why Botox neck lift may not be the most suitable solution for you. You may need surgery or a combination of Botox injections and a surgical facelift.

    Neck Lift in Istanbul, Turkey : Cost & Reviews

    The cost of a neck lift in Istanbul,Turkey is more advantageous than in Europe while guaranteeing the best results. These prices range from 2500 euros to 3500 euros for a chin lift operation.

    If you are looking for the best neck lift offers in Turkey, the discounts and promotions will be provided by Turquie Santé. We have chosen to work constantly to offer you the best prices and safeguard the quality, safety, and assistance offered before, during, and after the intervention.

    During the first visit, the plastic surgeon will explain in detail the different techniques of neck lifts and will accurately illustrate the steps of the chosen technique, the type of anesthesia to use, the possible risks of the surgery, and the total price of the service in Turkey.

    To request medical reviews as well as a free personalized quote, send your request via the link mentioned below.

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    Frequently asked questions

    The surgical incisions of this surgery would be located behind and in front of the ear. Therefore, the postoperative scars would be located at these incisions. They would be hidden in the patient's scalp.

    The final result would be visible after two or three months after the surgery. The scars would disappear completely after the sixth postoperative month.

    The success rate of neck lift in Turkey is 95%.

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