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Vasovasostomy in Istanbul Turkey

Vasovasostomy, a minor procedure to treat male infertility, involves unblocking and reconnecting the vas deferens to restore the passage of sperm from the testicles to the ejaculatory ducts. Pregnancy rates after this procedure range from 30% to over 90%, influenced by factors such as time since the vasectomy, the woman's age, the surgeon's expertise, and pre-existing fertility problems.

Vasovasostomy in Turkey is proving to be a promising option for regaining male fertility, with specialized centers offering high success rates and personalized support to maximize the chances of success.

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Vasovasostomy Turkey
Who is this procedure for?
  • People who suffer from infertility
  • People who want to have children
Side effects
  • Inflammation in the scrotum
  • Black and blue bruises on the groin
Alternative treatments
  • Surgery of the urogenital crossroads
Intervention or treatment's duration
  • The vasovasostomy lasts between 2 to 4 hours
Success rate
  • 97%

For what purpose to consider a vasovasostomy in Turkey?

There are many reasons for having the vas deferens reversed, including the loss of a child, a remarriage, or treating chronic testicular pain after a vasectomy. It is worth noting that if the new couple is over 35 years old and has not previously had children, it is necessary to identify the woman's ovarian reserve, that is, to determine her real chances to get pregnant. This test is done with a simple blood test on the third day of menstruation.

If the reserve is low, it may be preferable to perform TESE (microsurgical aspiration of male sperm) and subsequent IVF/ICSI (in vitro fertilization with microinjection of sperm). 

How is vasovasostomy treatment performed?

Vasovasostomy is a microsurgery that requires the use of an operating microscope to create very small structures. To achieve optimal results for a vasovasostomy, you should opt for one of our experienced microsurgical surgeons in Istanbul Turkey. Indeed, the lumen of the vas deferens measures only 0.1 mm to 0.3 mm, it is difficult to see with the eye. Andrological microsurgery is no more complex than any other surgical technique but requires diligent practice.

Is it a simple operation?

The procedure must be performed by an uro-andrologist specialized in microsurgical techniques. The vasectomy reversal takes between 7 and 30 minutes depending on the technique adopted and/or the experience of the surgeon. However, the vasovasostomy operation, takes 2-4 hours. The vas deferens have a thin diameter and the suture threads are thinner than human hair.

The vasectomy reversal in Istanbul Turkey

The intervention requires several steps. First, an incision is made to reach the point where the vasectomy was performed. Then the uro-andrologist removes the closed ends and makes serial cuts in the segment coming from the testicle until the outflow of spermatic fluid is assessed, which is analyzed under a microscope to check its quality. If this is good (if sperm are present),he injects saline into the abdominal segment of the vas to ensure that it is permeable.

The team of surgeons in Turkey intervenes with microsurgical techniques on two levels:

  1. Much-mucosa, that is, lumens of the duct

  2. Muscular, other layers of the vas deferens

Do you need general anesthesia?

The surgical intervention of vasovasostomy is minimal but prolonged. However, it can usually be performed under long-lasting local anesthesia, which minimizes costs and does not require a period of hospitalization. In anxious or very agitated patients, it is necessary to perform spinal anesthesia and/or sedation which involves admission for a few hours.

What care should I follow after the operation?

In some cases, if the surgery has been prolonged, you may notice a rubber drain in the scrotum that will be removed within a few hours.

You will be wearing a testicular suspension and tight underwear that prevents excessive scrotal movement for at least 2 weeks, and even while sleeping. Thus, a small amount of blood can come out of the wound. If you notice that the amount is excessive, contact your surgeon. You can replace the soaked gauze.

After surgery, the doctor will give you a prescription for pain relievers - anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics. Whenever you take pain relievers, be careful when walking or climbing stairs as they can cause dizziness.

Do not drive for the first week after surgery. Do not ride a motorcycle or bicycle for the first 3 weeks.

You can bathe 48 hours after the operation. Keep the bandage dry until then. Remove the dressing before showering and put it back on afterward. It is common to have inflammation in the scrotum and also black and blue bruises on the groin. It can take weeks to disappear.

Choosing Turquie Santé for your vasovasostomy treatment?

Turquie Santé has long been a destination for parents who are looking for the best treatment for infertility issues at the cheapest price. Thanks to the expertise of our surgeons and the modern equipment of our clinics in Istanbul.

Choosing an appropriate clinic to perform a vasovasostomy in Istanbul, Turkey, is the right decision that you make to treat your fertility issues. Thus, you can select a high level of service, comfortable living conditions, and new equipment at the best price. However, choosing the best vasovasostomy surgeon is much more important. The experience of the uro-andrologist reveals the result you wish to obtain eventually.

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