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Clinique Estetik International was an excellent choice for my breast augmentation. I had an operation by doctor Selcuk Aytac and everything went well! Their knowledgeable and caring medical team put me at ease from the first appointment. A big thank you to the nurses as well as Sevgi and Helen!

This patient was treated at ESTETIK International
for breast augmentation

Clinic response : Dear Aicha,

Thank you for your kind words. It is a pleasure for us that you are satisfied with our team and our services.

Estetik International clinic

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Hanna A.


Clinic response : We are happy that you are satisfied with your experience. A big thank you for your trust!

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Jaber R.


No communication skills for the doctor. He did not give any instructions for care post surgery. I was only followed up once by him and barely gave information about how to clean my dressings. Luckily my daughter is a nurse and could assist me. He did not tell me about what dressing to use and how to do it. He never told me where or how to find my post operation garments when i was in a foreign country, couldn't speak their language, and in so much pain so i had to go around the whole city to find them.
He took extra $150USD to test my scar tissue for cancer even though i had already paid $10,000. Tests took many days to come in, while he made me believe i could have cancer.
Hisar Hospital was a horrible experience with poor service. The only good person was a nurse named
I wouldnt even recommend an animal to attend this hospital.

This patient was treated at HISAR INTERCONTINENTAL
for breast augmentation

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Malagouen N.


I would like to thank you again and again with all you have done for me, successful operation Hamdoullilah well out of the block and Hamdoullilah Hamdoullilah and chokre li alah. Remain as you are honest and courteous the good god will open all the doors to you thank you nacim.

This patient was treated at ISTANBUL AESTHETIC CENTER
for breast augmentation

Clinic response : Thanks a lot for coming, was pleasure to meet you!

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Iken A.


The stay went well I am more or less satisfied with the service

This patient was treated at ISTANBUL AESTHETIC CENTER
for breast augmentation

Clinic response : It was our pleasure to have you in our hospital.

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Cal B.


Hello I am really not satisfied with asking for small breasts I ended up with big ones then I made my lips I found myself with one side bigger than the other here, I would just like him to remove them from me because now I have to pay again for them removed, I didn't say anything because I'm a girl who doesn't dare to say too much when I don't like it, In addition to that I already have back problems now I have even more back pain with big breast the same, And the doctor said it's beautiful I don't even dare to upset him and tell him that I don't like all week I only cried, The doctor in Belgium was really upset because he said that already I have to undergo an operation on the lower back and that I put on big breasts and that I will suffer because of the weight, I hate I really want him to remove them and raise my breasts with a small prosthesis because I will go crazy with this

This patient was treated at ISTANBUL AESTHETIC CENTER
for breast augmentation

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Afef T.


very satisfied with the results, luckily I didn't have any unpleasant surprises.

This patient was treated at ISTANBUL AESTHETIC CENTER
for breast augmentation

Clinic response : Hello Dear Afef, Hope you had a great time here, Good luck

This patient review has been verified

Sarah R.


i am satisfied about the result but not about logistics of transportation.

This patient was treated at ISTANBUL AESTHETIC CENTER
for breast augmentation

Clinic response : Hello Dear Sarah, hope you had a good time here, Good luck

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Our partner clinics in Turkey receive people from all over the world who wish to seek treatment or undergo cosmetic procedures such as hair transplants or breast augmentation.

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