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Sinus lift in Turkey, Reviews & Prices of Istanbul Clinics

In some cases of replacing missing teeth with dental implants, the dentist first imposes an operation called a sinus lift.

The reason is that the patient does not have enough bone in his posterior upper dental arch. Dental implants, in fact, need a minimum of bone to be able to remain stable inside the jawbone.

In addition, the large sinus lift has the exact function of creating new bone tissue in the areas where it is missing, thus allowing the implants to be placed properly.

Sinus lift Turkey
Who is this procedure for?
  • Patients who do not have enough bone in the posterior upper dental arch that prevents the placement of dental implants

Intervention or treatment's duration
  • Between 1h to 1h30 depending on the case

Recovery time
  • Healing between 3 and 8 months
  • Placement of dental implants after 8 months


Success rate
  • 99.2%

Maxillary sinus: What is it?

All human beings have 2 maxillary sinuses on each side of the nose, two cavities positioned at the back of the jaw, which have the function of heating and humidifying the air.

Inside they are covered with a film (sinusoidal membrane) which makes them very similar to tires.

If for various reasons the patient lost his teeth and did not replace them right away, the bone between the maxillary sinus and the roots of the teeth has probably become very thin.

In this case, unfortunately, the patient cannot place dental implants, because otherwise, they would end up in the void of the maxillary sinus, thus remaining unstable.

For the artificial roots to stay firmly in the jawbone, it is therefore essential that you undergo a sinus lift.

Sinus Lift in Istanbul Turkey: What is it?

The sinus lift, in Istanbul Turkey, is a surgical procedure that allows the application of new bone tissue between the base of the maxillary sinus and the membrane that covers it.

The sinus lift consists, in fact, of the elevation of the maxillary floor to have a greater volume in the vertical direction.

There are generally two different surgical modalities:

Large maxillary sinus

The gingiva is raised to the base of the cheekbone, which makes it possible to obtain a bony window without damaging the sinus membrane. The membrane is then detached so that the bone can position itself in the roof of the created cavity, which acts as a new sinus floor. The bone graft is inserted into the hole, after inserting the implants.

Mini maxillary sinus lift

Access to the sinus is via the top of the bony crest, using the implant insertion hole. The detachment is carried out with osteotomies and a hammer, with screws, or with hydraulic pressure with a physiological solution.

Being an operation performed under anesthesia, the sinus lift does not cause pain. Once the effect of the anesthesia has passed, the patient may feel a slight tingling or swelling, which tends to disappear after a few hours.

The post-operative phase of a jaw lift

After the operation, you have to wait about ten days to allow the gums to heal completely. In this phase, slight disturbances may occur, such as:

  • Presence of edema in the cheek
  • Light bleeding from the mouth or nose
  • The presence of a hematoma

It is essential to follow the dentist's recommendations to avoid complications and allow correct engraftment of the bone graft, in particular by avoiding blowing your nose too hard immediately after the intervention. The dentist may also prescribe antibiotics and/or painkillers to prevent infections and relieve pain.

Sinus Lift Complications

In reality, there are contraindications rather than risks. In addition to those typical of any surgical intervention (cardiovascular problems, respiratory failure, diabetes),it is necessary to consider:

  • Hemophilia
  • The presence of a neoplasm or tumor
  • Acute sinusitis
  • The presence of dental cysts
  • The presence of foreign bodies inside the maxillary sinus.

Maxillary Sinus Treatment in Turkey: Prices and Reviews of Top Surgeons

Turquie Santé offers you excellent care at advantageous costs with the possibility of saving on dental prices. Our partner clinics are equipped with high-quality materials to guarantee our patients maximum safety as well as optimal and long-lasting results.

However, it is particularly difficult to establish an average price for this type of service, because the costs can vary enormously depending on the quantity of graft to be implanted, the materials chosen, the technique used, the number of implants, and the price of your dentist.

You can opt for a free online consultation and benefit from the reviews of internationally renowned surgeons.

We will be happy to receive you for the realization of a sinus lift in Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, and Ankara, Turkey.

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