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Mesotherapy in Turkey & Istanbul: what is it?

Mesotherapy in Turkey is an alternative medical technique that consists of targeted injections of drugs into the deep layer of the skin (the dermis).

Originally intended to treat localized pain and venous insufficiency, this technique is now used to treat many different pathologies. Examples of these include:

  • Rheumatism;
  • Osteoarthritis;
  • Neck pain;
  • Tendinitis;
  • Sprains;
  • Tinnitus;
  • Shingles;
  • ENT infections;
  • Hair loss (alopecia).

What are the Benefits?

It is difficult to conclude on the real benefits of this technique because the scientific studies that prove its effectiveness are few. However, it is still used regularly for pain management, especially in rheumatology, sports medicine and also aesthetic medicine.

Mesotherapy and cellulite

Mesotherapy arouses a growing interest in aesthetic medicine where it is presented as an alternative to surgery. It is mainly used in treatments against cellulite or to melt the fat in the thighs, arms, legs, buttocks, hips, and even the face, at the level of the eye.

Cellulite is an accumulation of fat under the skin, giving it an appearance called orange skin. The technique encompasses the injection of substances to melt the fat in the affected areas. Many substances can be injected, for example: collagen enzymes, caffeine, or even artichoke extracts.

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Micro-injection technique to induce Hair Growth

With tiny needles, a real cocktail based on amino acids, antioxidants, minerals (zinc, copper), and vitamins is injected directly into the scalp. Almost painless, if it is well practiced, the method allows reviving the atrophied vascularization of the hair follicle, while providing it with the nutrients it needs.

The advantage of mesotherapy is that the injected substances act directly on the spot, without having to go through the digestive tract and blood route.

As a result, this technique is intended to stimulate the scalp and hair bulbs to promote hair growth. In addition, the capillary fiber thickens naturally and the dandruff decreases. A real boost for the hydration and nutrition of hair bulbs, it is a method that also makes it possible to recover shine, volume, and calm irritated hair.

A revitalizing for the face

It is an ideal technique to maintain the skin of the face and repair the lack of dermal hydration which is linked to various external factors like pollution, smoking, and sun. Mesotherapy helps to fight against the effect of skin aging. It should be combined with skin stimulation methods such as microneedling and the use of Skin Boosters.

How many sessions do I need?

To obtain a good result, it is necessary to schedule 4 sessions at 2 or 3 weeks apart, then one session every 2 or 3 months. The pace of sessions varies depending on how patients feel.

In general, this care makes it possible to obtain results quite quickly. They can sometimes be seen from the first session. The results usually get better after three sessions.

What is the Price in Turkey & Istanbul?

The price of mesotherapy depends on the number of injections and the area to be treated. To get a price estimate, fill out a free quote. There are a number of clinics and hospitals in Turkey, Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, & Antalya that offer the best treatments with the best prices.

Last update : 28/03/2020

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