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 What is Bone Cancer?

Primary cancer of the bones is a type of cancer, too rare. This type of cancer can be born in children, adolescents and adults as well. (Children are more affected by this cancer, but adults over 40 are rarely affected).

It is able to originate in the long bones of the knee, femur and tibia, the upper arm is a very serious cancer.

The different Types of Bone Cancer


This is the best known type of bone cancer.

Ewing's sarcoma

It is unknown in Africa and Asia.

Axis cell sarcoma

It is rare with about eighty cases every year.


This type of cancer can be found in the middle aged and those who are between the forties and the fifties. It affects women and men.

What are the associated Clinical Signs of Bone Cancer?

• Bone pain

• Fractures

What are its Symptoms?

Bone cancer can hit different bones at different parts of the body.

Bone cancer can not give neither sign nor symptom

• Bone pain that does not go away in the evening (painful swelling)


• Fever.

•Weight loss.

• Bone that breaks easily.

• Difficulty moving a limb.

• swelling and inflammation in the affected area.

•a weakness.

What are the Causes of Bone Cancer?

The exact origin of bone cancer is unknown, but there are factors that are capable of causing a risk of growth of any cancer. Let's give the example of:

• Treatment with radiotherapy

• Genetic factors.

What are the possible treatments ?

Chemotherapy: it reduces the tumor mass.

• The operation is mandatory to remove the tumor.

• Interventional radiology.

• Cementoplasty is the injection of cement into the vertebra broken by the tumor in order to reduce the pain.

Surgical operation as the main treatment

The essential treatment for bone cancer is the urgent surgical procedure of removing the tumor cells. The nature of surgery depends on the tumor's location, size, stage of cancer, and the nature of bone cancer.

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Last update : 10/12/2019
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