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Clinics in Antalya Turkey

Antalya, calm and serenity


  The city of Antalya is smaller if you want to compare it with Ankara, which is located to the south and only 1 hour 10 minutes flight from Istanbul   with about fifteen daily services. This plane ticket usually does not cost more than € 50 round trip.

Often, our partner clinics offer this flight ticket to the patient from Turkey Santó to convince him to go down to the south, but know that you do not regret it, that's because well-verified addresses from us, your health will be surely in good hands  


Why choose to heal? Antalya?


  Antalya proves to be a fun choice for patients in Turkey Health, since often the price of care is less expensive compared to the rest of the world. Istanbul without a good decrease; the quality and benefits. This is due to the low cost of living in southern Turkey, which makes it even more competitive as a medical destination.

In addition, this balneal city is so charming, green and quiet that the recovery of the patient becomes even more relaxing and less stressful than in large cities such as Izmir or Istanbul.

Beautiful tourist spots & especially do not miss and > visit during your medical break in Turkey, such as   Cappadocia,   The D &Dumden Falls, go rafting or wander through the old harbor.


Whererver you go with Turquie Santé, you will be satisfied !



Last update : 28/03/2020
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