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The city of Antalya, which is smaller than Ankara, is located in the South and it takes only 1 hour and 10 minutes flight from Istanbul with approximately fifteen daily services. In general, the round-trip plane ticket does not cost more than 50 euros.

Our partner clinics frequently provide this flight ticket to the patient of ​Turquie Santé​ to convince him/her to go down to the South.

You won't regret it because we provide you with well-verified addresses and hospitals where your health will be between the right hands.

There are many clinics and hospitals of different specialities such as dermatology, nephrology, neurology, and urology. 

The goal of our hospitals and clinics is the protection of the patient, through prevention, non-invasive diagnosis, and treatment of diseases, especially metabolic and cardiovascular.

Our clinics and hospitals have top-level equipment and a team of highly specialized experts in all specialities.


Treatment in our hospitals in Turkey 

Antalya allows you choose one of the best doctors near me in ​Turquie Santé​ since the price of care is often cheaper than ​Istanbul ​without decreasing the quality of clinics' services. This is thanks to the low cost of living and the doctors near me in Southern ​Turkey​, which makes it even more competitive as a medical destination. In addition, this seaside town is so charming, green, and quiet that the recovery of the patient becomes even more relaxing and less stressful than in large cities such as Izmir or Istanbul.

The beautiful tourist places that should not be missed during your medical stay in Turkey are Cappadocia, Düden Falls. You can also go on a river rafting trip or walk in the old harbour.

Wherever you go with ​Turquie Santé​, you will be filled!

Visit doctors near me

You will experience great emotions in this city that combines the past and the present. Everyone, regardless of his/her taste, will be impressed by the beauty of Antalya.

You will be able to swim in our magnificent beaches and take a tour in order to have a great idea of our multiple sites.

You will inevitably reach the ultimate happiness since Antalya provides you with various activities like practicing all kinds of water sports, sunbathing, and strolling in museums.

In Turkish restaurants, you will find mainly delicious and cheap food. Both international and Turkish cuisines are served.

There are various amenities that are available at the hotels in Antalya such as swimming pools, sports activities, and entertainment. You can assess the performance of hotels by checking customer reviews that enable you to have an overview of the hotels' quality.

What makes it the best?

In addition to the classic beaches overlooking a crystal clear sea, Antalya offers natural landscapes such as green hills where you can walk in total tranquility surrounded by a very interesting flora and fauna. We must add the millennia of history that it illustrated in the museums and in the ancient historical center of the city that once was surrounded by walls.  Antalya has become an ambitious marina where many cruise ships stop there. 

In the coastal area of Antalya, there are excellent hotel facilities and many areas that are dedicated to entertainment. In addition, the beaches are renowned for their cleanliness, organisation, and high quality service that is provided to tourists. 

The best tourist attractions & places in Antalya

Antalya offers many things to do for everyone. If you want to take a sightseeing tour, you will find an impressive array of attractions to keep you busy. The old town is full of picturesque historical sites, while the city is in an ideal position to serve as a base to visit the peripheral area, where dozens of large ruins await.

This city is also a great starting point for the white sandy beaches of the Turkish coast. The beach and history lovers will be satisfied. 

What are the places & tourist attractions to visit?

If you visit Antalya for the first time, the best accommodation area will depend on your tourism goals. If your main goal is to immerse yourself in the historic atmosphere of the city, prepare yourself to go to the old town. If the sun, sand, and sea are your priority, coastal resorts that provide the best services are absolutely the best.



Last update : 10/12/2023

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