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Dental whitening : techniques &risks à ie

Several factors may be the causes of tooth staining such as tobacco, consumption of drinks and colored foods (tea, coffee, wine, etc.), some drugs therefore with the time we lose the brilliance of our smile. Dental Whitening in Turkey is a simple aesthetic procedure which consists of: restore the original hue of the teeth or a shade lighter than the current one, and thus give a new lease of life. our smile.

Bleaching can be done home using simple products and techniques or in the dental office of a dentist under the supervision of the dentist who uses more advanced techniques.

The techniques used to have white teeth  :

For effective dental whitening , several techniques are used by dentists:

  • the decalcification of teeth : is an essential technique that consists of: eliminate the scale formation present above and below the gingiva. De-scaling is considered r ó like the first step of whitening teeth and its goal is to avoid cavities and of   minimize any risk of periodontal disease.
  • the laser chair : this is a very recent technique which consists of: perform, in   using the latest technology,   a very fast and easy money laundering. The products used by the dentist for this technique are very concentrated, which is why a preparation of the gingiva is essential to avoid the risks of burns.
  • Dental Bleaching Lamps : Also known as "power bleaching" » used é by the dentists and also the   bars à smile   » ;. It consists of apply a gel on the teeth and activate it using the blue and cold light.

What are the risks of teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening in Turkey has several advantages, but also may have risks   such as hypersensitivity ó teeth in the cold, mucosal irritation   li é causticity ó of the product as well as embrittlement   of the tooth.

Price of a dental whitening procedure

With Turkey Sant ', you have a dental bleaching price   Istanbul, Izmir or also à Ankara. It is rather favorable in specialized clinics and with experienced and recognized dental surgeons. worldwide.

Last update : 21/08/2019
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