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IFA robotic hair transplant in Türkiye (ARTAS & SAFER robots)

Thanks to the technological advances in Türkiye, there are now innovative solutions for hair restoration. IFA (Automated Follicular Implantation) hair transplantation using ARTAS and SAFER robots is one such revolutionary technique.

Robotic hair transplant IFA
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    Robotic hair transplant IFA Turkey

    IFA robotic hair transplant in Türkiye

    Traditional methods of hair transplantation often involve invasive surgery that leaves visible scars and requires significant downtime for recovery. However, with the introduction of robotic techniques, hair restoration has become more precise, effective, and efficient.

    The IFA robotic hair transplant is an intelligent robotic system designed to assist surgeons in the hair transplantation process. Its advanced algorithms allow for greater precision and better results.

    By automating certain aspects of the procedure, robotic hair transplantation minimizes human error and delivers consistent results.

    IFA Automated Follicular Implantation Technique

    Unlike traditional hair restoration methods, IFA Automated Follicular Implantation leaves minimal scarring. The robotic precision and minimally invasive techniques allow for tiny, almost invisible incisions that leave no linear scars.

    SAFER Neograft Robot

    The SAFER Neograft (Suction Assisted Follicular Extraction and Re-implantation) Robot is a new robotic hair transplantation technology. With the SAFER Robot, hair follicles are extracted by suction using a compressed air micro punch called "Punch Air Matic". The extracted follicles are then sorted and stored in a sterile solution to ensure their viability and optimal condition.

    ARTAS Robot

    The ARTAS robot is equipped with advanced algorithms and 3D imaging technology to identify and harvest follicles with unrivaled precision. It ensures that each follicle is placed at the correct angle and depth, resulting in a natural hair root.

    Through the use of automation, the ARTAS Robot significantly reduces the time required for the hair transplant procedure. This means less time in the operating room and faster recovery for the patient.

    IFA robotic hair transplant results

    The IFA robotic hair transplant has attracted considerable attention for its remarkable results. Patients who have undergone this procedure in Türkiye have experienced impressive hair regrowth.

    The precision and accuracy offered by ARTAS or SAFER robots guarantee minimal scarring and natural hair root reconstruction.

    IFA robotic hair transplantation provides natural-looking results. Precise selection and placement of hair follicles ensure that the transplanted hair blends perfectly with the existing hair, giving it a natural appearance.

    Advantages of IFA Automated Follicular Implantation

    The robotic instrumentation of the IFA system ensures accuracy and precision throughout the procedure. This eliminates the risk of human error and ensures consistent results.

    With its automated extraction and implantation process, the IFA System significantly reduces overall procedure time. This is particularly beneficial for those with limited time.

    What's more, the IFA System's attention to detail and gentle graft handling contribute to a higher survival rate of transplanted hair follicles. This results in longer-lasting, more successful results.

    Disadvantages of Robotic Hair Transplantation

    Automated IFA follicular transplantation in Turkey can be more expensive than traditional hair transplantation methods. This is due to the high cost of robotic technology and the expertise required to perform the procedure.

    Although the ARTAS and SAFER Neograft Robots are highly efficient, they require human expertise to ensure optimal results without risk.

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