Varicose vein treatments in Turkey

What is a Varicose Vein? How much does the Surgery Cost?

The varicose veins appear particularly in women. These inflamed vessels are often purple and they appear in the calf areas and the inner leg. Although the most common type of varicose veins is that in the legs, there are also other types of varicose veins such as spider veins which affect smaller veins. The dilated blood vessels can occur in the esophagus and in the anal region such as hemorrhoids.

Men generally pay less attention to the aesthetic aspect and take notice only in the case of the presence of symptoms. It should be considered that in subjects with an important muscular development in the lower limbs, the veins of the limbs are more evident because the subcutaneous tissues are thin. Environmental and working conditions influence the development of varicose veins. The best costs/ prices of this kind of treatment depend on various elements.

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Who is this procedure for?

  • Patients whose varicose veins cause discomfort, pain or trouble sleeping
  • Patients who have developed painful ulcers near varicose veins
  • Patients with thrombophlebitis
  • Patients with varicose veins bleeding

Side effects

  • Nerve damage
  • Small blood clots or deep vein thrombosis
  • Burning or discoloration of the skin

Intervention or treatment's duration

  • Laser treatment lasts about 30 minutes for one leg
  • Surgical treatment lasts about an hour per leg

Recovery time

  • A week of rest in case of surgery

Success rate

  • 95%
How it works ?

What are the Causes and Costs/ Prices of Veins Removal?

The factors that favor the disease are:

  • Family predisposition: the presence of pathology in the grandparents increases the possibility of occurrence of the disease in the descendants.

  • Age: the progression of age increases the possibility of having varicose vein.

  • Special work activities force people to stand for a long time such as surgeons, dentists, hairdressers.

  • Obesity influences the development of varicose veins by increasing pressure in the leg due to increased abdominal resistance due to increased presence of retroperitoneal fat.

  • Diet and smoking: these elements influence indirectly weight gain and deficiency of essential elements.


What are the Symptoms of Varicose Veins Removal?

The main symptoms are:

  • Sensation of heaviness in the legs because of the stagnation of blood in the veins and the increased fluid retention in the tissues.

  • Night cramps: they are always linked to the difficulty of cell exchange.

  • Tingling and itching: they relate to the accumulation of metabolites.

  • Swelling: the hemodynamic decompensation at this point is obvious, even the microcirculation of the surface system is in compensation, we are one step away from atrophic lesions. At this point a no-return route is triggered if it does not significantly affect a correction of the saphenous reflux and its direct and indirect branches.

The disturbances are more evident especially in summer. Varicose veins become more evident and palpable since the legs become heavy and the ankles swell. The menstrual period or the days of ovulation in women can determine more or less significant symptoms in the lower limbs even in the absence of a real varicose veins that are perceived as an important and annoying pathology that necessitates a medical consultation.


How is it Diagnosed and what are the Best Prices of the Surgery?

First, an accurate investigation is needed to determine whether the varicose is of a primary or secondary nature. In addition, it is necessary to check if deep veins in the legs are affected or other disorders are present, such as kidney or cardiovascular diseases that are potentially capable of causing fluid accumulations in the legs. The execution of various imaging examinations, such as ultrasonic examinations or an X-ray imaging of the veins allows to clarify the possible presence of alterations at a deeper level. Once the diagnosis is certain, you can start with the best treatments


What are the Best Treatments and Costs in Turkey and Istanbul?

Many treatment methods are available in Turkey and Istanbul even for advanced clinical conditions. The most important approaches are compression therapy and surgery. Compression stockings can contribute to the prevention of the disease or even to stop its progression. In fact, they form the basis of the treatment of the varicose veins. If the disease progresses, the patient may have an edema and a deep vein thrombosis or even venous leg ulcers. If a blood clot detaches from the vein wall and is transported to the lungs through the venous system, a life-threatening situation develops. This condition is called a pulmonary embolism.

Added to that, vein removal is a technique which is widely employed by our doctors. For this surgery, a probe is introduced into the vein which is then pulled out of the leg through a small  incision. Not all affected trunk veins should be removed. This means that the healthy section of the vein is preserved. Other methods such as crossectomy, endovascular laser therapy, and radiofrequency ablation are used to occlude or block the affected vein.

As a result, the different treatment methods rely on the severity of the disease, the needs of the patient, and the experience as well as the ability of the best doctor. The cost relies on these factors.

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